November 30, 2023

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πŸ”΄ War in the Middle East, live: minute-by-minute breaking news on the conflict between Israel and Hamas

πŸ”΄ War in the Middle East, live: minute-by-minute breaking news on the conflict between Israel and Hamas

Israeli media released the first images of the two hostages released by Hamas. Judith Ranan, of 59 years old and his teenage daughter, Natalie Ranan There were 18 people Israel 7th October marks Mother’s 85th birthday Judith and Jewish holidays.

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin NetanyahuCelebrated the release of two American hostages held in the Gaza Strip.

On the other hand, the Airbus 330-200 Argentina Airlines Came this afternoon Rome to Buenos Aires with new group of Argentine citizens who fled Israel after war with Hamas began “Safe Return” function.

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The Israeli army attacked at night More than a hundred targets of the Islamist group Hamas In the Gaza Strip. In addition, it began evacuating a town near Lebanon’s northern border, fearing that a ground invasion of the Palestinian enclave would fuel unrest in the region.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav GallantIt ordered the ground forces on Thursday to prepare To see Gaza “from the inside”.The attempt to crush Hamas leaders marks a possible attack, nearly two weeks after it infiltrated Israeli territory.

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Israel declared war on Hamas October 7About 2,000 members of the group β€” considered terrorists by Israel, the United States and the European Union β€” infiltrated Israel and attacked dozens of communities near the Strip. They killed more than 1,400 civilians They also kidnapped more than 200 people.

Since the start of the war, the Israel’s intensive bombing of Gaza They took some lives 3800 people, mostly civilians. Islamist militants in Gaza have also fired more than 7,000 rockets from the Strip since the start of the war.

War in the Middle East, live: The latest on the conflict between Israel and Hamas, minute by minute

Netanyahu celebrates release of two American hostages: “We will not stop our efforts to return all those kidnapped”

Joe Biden: “Humanitarian aid stuck in Egypt will reach Gaza in 24 or 48 hours”

US President Joe Biden said on Friday that humanitarian aid stopped in Egypt would reach Gaza “within 24 or 48 hours”.

They released the first pictures of the two American hostages released by Hamas

War in Gaza: Third flight with Argentinians repatriated from Israel arrives at Ezeiza airport

Argentinians repatriated from Israel arrive in Ezeiza.

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The freed hostages were identified as Judith Ranan and her daughter Natalie. They live in Chicago and have traveled to Israel to visit relatives

Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, said its armed wing had freed two hostages out of nearly 200 people kidnapped in an attack on the Israeli enclave.

Judith Ranan and her daughter Natalie were handed over to the Red Cross and are “on their way to leave Gaza,” according to a statement from Israel by the Telegram.

War in Gaza: Hamas Frees Two American Hostages (Photo: Twitter / @federicoalves)

An AerolΓ­neas Argentinas flight arrived in Buenos Aires this afternoon with an Argentinian crew repatriated from Israel.

Aerolineas Argentinas flight Arrive in Buenos Aires this afternoon from Rome to bring to the country a new group of Argentine citizens who fled Israel after the war with Hamas began, as part of the “safe return” operation.

Airbus 330-200, registered LV-GHQ, flight number AR1091, will arrive at Ezeiza International Airport today at 3:50 pm.

Protests are expected across much of the Middle East this Friday against the Israeli blockade of Gaza

They are expected this Friday objections Across much of the Middle East, aid agencies are warning against the Israeli blockade of Gaza Hospitals are running out of fuel And they fear that vital aid will continue Banned in Egypt One more day.

Paintings of war in the Middle East. (Photo: Reuters/Akhtar Soomro)By: Reuters

30 French citizens killed in attack by Hamas terrorists in Israel

The number of French citizens killed in an attack by Hamas terrorists in Israel has risen to 30 and the number of those missing has risen to 7.

Of those 7 missing, the Foreign Ministry confirmed that “some of them” were Hamas hostages, without specifying the number. French President Emmanuel Macron pledged to do “everything possible” for his release.

Hamas says it has freed two American hostages

Hamas said it had released two American hostages, a mother and her daughter, for “humanitarian reasons”.

The Israeli military says most of the Gaza hostages are alive

The Israeli military estimated in a statement Friday that “most of the hostages” taken by the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas during its Oct. 7 attack are “alive.”

“Of the approximately 200 hostages currently held in the Gaza Strip, more than 20 are minors, ranging from 10 to 20 years old to over 60 years old, most of whom are alive,” the army said in its statement, without elaborating.

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According to the same source, Palestinian Islamists brought the bodies to the Gaza Strip after a bloody attack on Israeli soil in the early hours of October 7.

Between 100 and 200 Israelis are now considered “missing” since the attack. “Currently, the Israeli army continues to carry out operations to find and locate the bodies near the Gaza Strip,” the spokesman said.

The number of Palestinians killed in Gaza has risen to 4,137 since the war began

At the very least 4137 people died The health ministry of Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, pointed out this Friday that since Israeli bombings began in this Palestinian enclave.

The ministry reported that 13,162 people were injured and 1,400 were killed by Israeli bombardments in response to an October 7 attack by Hamas on Israeli territory.

Arab-Israelis increasingly feel discriminated against and report being subjected to harassment and racism.

Israeli-Palestinian conflict (Photo: Adobe Stock)

They make up 20% of Israel’s population. They have parliamentary representation, but they accuse the authorities of persecuting them for their support of the Palestinian cause.

Israel prepares to temporarily shut down Al Jazeera for “harmful national security”

Government of Benjamin Netanyahu Gaza prepares emergency order to temporarily shut down media outlets “harmful to national security” amid ongoing war with militants. The size you are looking for Stop broadcasting of Qatar channel Al Jazeera.

The Israeli Communications Ministry said in a statement that the order to shut down Al Jazeera would have “immediate” effect once it gets the green light from the Defense Cabinet.

“In light of evidence proving that the Al Jazeera channel broadcasts content harmful to national security, the government approves measures to close the channel in Israel,” the statement said.

With Cabinet approval, the closure order, which includes “stopping broadcasting, closing channel offices, canceling journalists’ certificates, confiscating equipment”, will be signed by the Communications Minister and will come into effect immediately.

“Israel is at war. On land, in the air, at sea and in ideas. We will not allow broadcasts that harm the security of the state,” said Communications Minister Shlomo Garhi.

According to the minister, “inflammatory broadcasts against Israel”, referring to Al Jazeera’s journalistic work, “serve Hamas-Daesh (equating the Gaza group with the Islamic State) and other terrorist organizations in their campaign to promote violence against Israel”.

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According to the ministry, the order to close the Qatari channel will be implemented after gathering evidence that it “helps the enemy send propaganda to audiences around the world in Arabic and English at the service of Hamas and even sends classified information.” “

The UN warned that aid to Gaza could arrive as soon as Saturday

International humanitarian aid could enter the Gaza Strip from Egypt, under Israeli blockade, “tomorrow (Saturday) or something like that,” UN emergencies chief Martin Griffiths announced this Friday.

“We are engaged in intensive and advanced negotiations with all relevant parties to ensure that Gaza relief operations can proceed as soon as possible,” said Griffiths, a spokesman for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Geneva. .

are in Gaza More than a million have been displaced, after many of them followed Israeli orders to evacuate the northern part of the coastal area. After several days of siege food and water ran out. Gazan hospitals provide some medical supplies and fuel for generators, doctors operate with cell phone light and use vinegar to treat infected wounds.

A deal to get aid to Gaza through Rafah, the only border crossing not controlled by Israel, remains tenuous. Israel said the supplies could only reach civilians and that it would “prevent” any diversion by Hamas. Further 200 trucks and around 3,000 tons of aid are waiting in RafahOr closer, but repairs to the bombed-damaged track on the Gazan side have not begun.

Israel evacuated a northern town after clashes on the Lebanese border

Israeli authorities announced plans to evacuate the city Kiryat Shmona In the north, after days of clashes with Hezbollah fighters on the Lebanese border.

“Some time ago, the Northern Command informed the mayor of the city of this decision. The plan will be implemented by the local authority, the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Defense,” the Israeli army said in a statement.

Kiryat Shmona, from 25,000 people, located in a tense area after the Hamas attack. Since then, the Israeli military has been on alert along the country’s northern border to stop attacks by the pro-Iranian Lebanese movement Hezbollah.

Since October 7, clashes along the border between Israel and Lebanon have killed twenty people, mostly militants, but also a journalist from the Reuters agency and two civilians. At least three people were killed on the Israeli side.