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10 Pieces of Weird Knowledge You Might Have Missed

10 Bits of Weird Elden Ring lore list featured image Dominula Windmill Village Ranni the Witch Millicent

A major imprint of director Hidetaka Miyazaki’s work is that knowledge in his games is rarely straightforward. Players can work their way through the entire game without fully understanding what is going on, and even those who do understand the game’s plot may wrestle with the mysterious and confusing background, characters, and areas.

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The FromSoftware’s latest gameAnd elden ring, follow suit, but its traditions are very present. As a game written by Miyazaki and fiction writer George R. R. Martin – both known for their unusual ideas – some of the game’s story are surprising, understandable, or downright bizarre, and it’s easy to miss all of them.

10 Millicent is a descendant of Malinia

Millicent, descendant of Malenia and NPC in Elden Ringh

As with many real world myths, the gods and demigods elden ringThe pantheon forms a tangled web of family ties. Most of the game focuses on the children and children of the eternal Queen Marica and the Radagon of the Golden Order, but there are more distant relationships mentioned.

One of these is Millicent, a girl that the player can meet in Caelid. At the request of her adoptive father, the player can meet Millicent several times in the Lands Between, and each time he offers her help. With red hair, one arm and afflicted with cochineal rot, Millicent Hu The Dead Competition for the Demigod Malenia It was later confirmed explicitly that it was her offspring. It is not explained whether it is a biologically related daughter or something funky that includes the effect of cochineal mold.

9 Gideon and Silovis used to be friends

Guide Silovis, servant of Rani and the National Council of the Elden Ring

Gideon Ofnir, who knows everything and mentor Seluvis, are just two of the NPCs that the player can meet in the lands in between. Gideon is initially helpful in Roundtable Hold, working to crown Elden as a lord of his kind, while Seluvis is a rude and refusing magician who works with Ranni on her plan to rape the fingers.

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They both prove to be more sinister than they initially seem, and they both know each other. When Seluvis tries to recruit the player For aiding him in the sexual assault of Neville LuxGideon can intervene and kill Silophis. The backstory in the descriptions of the items suggests that they were once friends until Silophis turned one of Gideon’s loved ones into a helpless puppet.

8 Black knife killers respond to Marika

One of the many black knife killers in the Elden Ring

The Black Knife Assassins is a recurring series of major enemies who also have a large presence in the lore. They were the ones who killed Godwyn the Golden and started shattering, the conflict that witnessed the demigods They tear the land between themselves in their desire To achieve as much power as possible.

However, the player can learn through item descriptions that Black Knife Assassins answer Marika, and possibly fingers as well. As such, it is entirely possible that Marika ordered her son’s death according to whatever plan she had.

7 Windmill Village Probably gods skins

Dominola windmill village in the Elden Ring, inhabited by a number of dancers

One of the scary areas in elden ring It is Dominula, a windmill village on the Altus Plateau. When the player arrives, the women who live there hold a festival reminiscent of pagan rituals in the real world, dancing around wreaths and wooden structures.

At the top of the village is the Godskin Noble, one of the frequent villains who wears the skins of gods. The village as a whole has the idea of ​​skinning – with an outside spirit begging to preserve his skin – and when this noble fights the player gets the ‘Godskin Peeler’. As such, this village seems to be where the grim work is done.

6 Malekith is the beast clergyman, Jurang

Cleric Gurank Beast in his true appearance as Malkith the Black Blade in Elden Ring

Gurranq, The Beast Clergyman is a character that players can meet very close to the beginning of the game, due to the early teleportation trap. He is a mostly pacifist cleric who commands Dethrot to eat and can teach the player several unique spells to take advantage of his power.

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Maliketh the Black Blade is a much more mysterious and delayed character in the game: the shadow of Marika who has been hidden by the Rune of Death, and an obligatory boss assassin in Crumbling Farum Azula. However, the two are actually the same character, as evidenced by their identical looks and the fact that Maliketh has a unique dialogue if the Gurranq quest is completed.

5 Radagon and Marika can be seen knocking on the Elden Ring

Queen Marika beats Elden Ring

One of the main initial discussions about the lore of the game came early in the opening scene. Throughout, a hidden figure can be seen banging on what’s heavily referred to as Elden’s titular ring, as described to smash it.

Due to the hidden nature of the character, fans have discussed their identity and even their gender – the section in some of the shots showed a masculine and some a feminine outline. With revelations later in the game, both appear to be true. The scene showed Marika breaking the ring and Radagon trying to remake it.

4 Melina and Rani share some kind of connection

Rani the Witch Elden Ring

Melina and Rani are two of the most important characters in the game, the mysterious women who are part of the Tarnished mission. Melina is offered to act as the maiden in Tarnished’s Maiden and eventually sacrifice herself to allow them access to the Erdtree, while Ranni attempts to recruit Tarnished to aid in her plan to overthrow the Golden Order.

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Although they never interact directly, they seem to share a connection of some sort. They have identical markings on their faces – each on a different side – and the opposite eye is permanently closed. Additionally, even though Melina is Torrent’s lady, your horse, Rani knows him and expresses his fondness for him, suggesting that they met.

3 Gauri is a kind of mold

The Sage and Kindred of Rot Gowry are found in the Millicent quest in the Elden Ring

Kindred of Rot are disturbing, insectivorous creatures that worship the cochineal rot that infects Caelid, and attempt to spread their influence throughout the world. Gowry is a seemingly kind man he met in Caelid, Millicent’s adoptive father who urges Tarnished to protect her and help her manage the cochineal infection.

The continuation of Millicent’s mission reveals that Gowry has evil intentions, but the player can learn this sooner. Killing Gowry has his voice taunting the player as his corpse becomes a Kindred of Rot, and he will reappear each time, simply indicating that there are more pests in Caelid that he can inhabit than the player has time to kill.

2 Looks like Marika is being punished

Queen Marica inside an erdtary in an Elden ring

Much of the game is spent trying to get Tarnished in Erdtree, where the eternal Queen Marica is said to reside. Once players do that, they get their first glimpse of the goddess of the lands in between, who is in dire straits.

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After Elden’s ring was smashed, she was found hanging from a Ron’s bow by her wrist, punctured, seemingly corroding physically. Although this is not explicitly stated, it appears that she is being tortured as punishment for smashing the Elden Ring – especially since Elden Beast later showed an outright disregard for her body and that of Radagon.

1 Melina may have ties to the glamorous-eyed queen and doomed

Melina vows to inflict the fateful death of Frenzied Flame Lord Elden Ring

The Gloam-Eyed Queen and Destined Death are two lore concepts that have been little mentioned and have sparked many fan theories. Destined death seems to be another name for the rune of death, and also the concept that even gods must die in the end. Godskin’s nobles and messengers seemed to have some connection to it.

In addition, the Gloam-Eyed Queen is a legendary character, said to be the leader of the skins of evil gods, whose identity is unknown. In one particular ending – the end of Lord of Frenzied Flame – Melina opens both her eyes to reveal that her closed one is a dark color and promises to bring the Lord’s predestined death, instantly causing her fans to associate her with both of these things.

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