November 28, 2022

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14 “Stranger Things” season 4, part 2 theories to dissect before the end

14 "Stranger Things" season 4, part 2 theories to dissect before the end

“Steve won’t work.”

Only a few days left before we get the rest Weird things Season 4, but it could also be months away.

I recently Requested The BuzzFeed Community To share their theories on what will happen in Part Two, so if you need something to fill your time until July 1st, look no further:


“I like the theory that Eddie is number 10. He said, he rocked a buzz for a while and always had something on his left wrist where the tattoo would be.”

Netflix/Courtesy Everett Collection


“Unfortunately, Eddie will die. And it will be revealed that Chancellor Kelly is somehow [related] to Vecna”.


“I think when Max is captured again (which was confirmed btw), Eleven will fight Vecna ​​and save Max because there is a picture of Eleven in the Upside Down in front of the pink stained glass door.”


“I think the season will end with them losing, and season 5 will end with pieces. In Episode 1, D&D portends the final battle. They need to throw 20 to beat Vecna, but they will come short. I suppose eight will come back to help Eleven, but they still They will lose. Because 11 + 8 = 19 and 19 is less than the 20 required to beat Vecna.”

Netflix/Courtesy Everett Collection


“Nancy and Steve are finally getting back together… Jonathan will continue with Mary Jane.”


“I think Jonathan is going to die trying to save Will and L. His character is becoming less important because he is ‘throwing his life away’.”

Netflix/Courtesy Everett Collection

“Nancy will suffer grief and guilt and find solace in sleeping with Steve. She will be so shy that they won’t talk for months, but in the end, they will get together.” –Vicariestowet


“I’m sure Lucas is dying. There’s no doubt in my mind. Caleb McLaughlin talks about him in the past tense in a behind-the-scenes clip with Gaten Matarazzo. He tells Gaten he used contacts, and there’s a photo from Volume 2 where Dustin sadly screams.”

Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection, Netflix


“I think Karen Wheeler will get involved, maybe more than other parents, and somehow end up kicking some ass! Or at least I hope so!”


“That woman wanted to help and protect her children so much and she was kept out of the dark. I’m sure she’d turn it around if or once everything was found out. Maybe wishful thinking, but that’s what I go for!”—Benzie


“Not a lot of theory but more is needed, but I’d like it if someone other than El Vecna ​​was defeated. It’s always El who ends up saving the situation, and it’s a bit old now. Yes, I know she’s the only one with powers, But I think it would be a refreshing story.”


“For example, it would be really cool to save Erica, or maybe he’ll defeat Vicana and discover some of the powers that be related to the Upside Down.” –queertheatrekid


“I think Will will be targeted by Vicna as soon as he sets foot in Hawkins.”


“There’s going to be a very dramatic scene where Will confesses his love to Mike (Will is just like me – he argues with the wall). The only thing I know for sure: I’m going to cry.” –zombie flyer


“The Upside Down is actually a building that 001/Vecna ​​built after Eleven kicked it out.”


“I have a feeling that someone from the set of Russia (Enzo, Hopper, Joyce, Murray) won’t make it to Season 5. I suspect Enzo will die (and Hopper will call his son) or Murray will die.”

Netflix/Courtesy Everett Collection

“Also, I guess Hawkins’ kid might not work either. My radar is on Max (those letters), Will (what’s the board?), or Steve/Eddie/Dustin because we can’t get nice things.” –Monica 44


“Steve won’t work. Yes, he still loves Nancy – we get it. He’ll probably confess The Empire strikes back!You design and then kill in Demogorgon style before you can respond/process what he just said.”


“I expect the series to end with the four boys, who are still young in season one, ending their epic game of D&D in Mike’s vault.”


“Then the next day when they go to school, there are two new girls at school: Max and Jane.” –jicma

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