March 30, 2023

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2 Americans arrested for allegedly sending aviation technology to Russia

(CNN) The US Department of Justice announced that two US citizens were arrested in Kansas City on Thursday for allegedly sending US aviation technology to Russia.

Cyril Gregory Boyanovsky, 59, and Douglas Robertson, 55, face several charges, including exporting controlled goods without a license, forgery and failure to provide electronic export information, and smuggling goods in violation of US law.

Their arrest is the latest move by the Justice Department KleptoCapture Task Force, made up of federal prosecutors, investigators and analysts, who have worked over the past year to mount a global campaign against money laundering and sanctions evasion in support of the Russian government. Her work has resulted in more than 30 indictments against Kremlin supporters and the Russian military, according to the Justice Department.

The KanRus Trading Company, based in the United States, sold and installed Western electronic equipment for aircraft, according to prosecutors, and allegedly sold equipment to Russian companies and provided repair services for Russian aircraft. To get around US sanctions, prosecutors say, Boyanovsky and Robertson concealed the identity of their clients, lied about the cost of products and made payments through foreign bank accounts.

after Russia’s war in Ukraine Starting last year, the US government imposed additional sanctions on shipments to Russia. Buyanovsky and Robertson discussed their options to continue sending shipments to at least one customer in Russia, plaintiffs say, including by sending shipments through third-party countries.

The KanRus shipment was flagged in February 2022 by the Department of Commerce because it did not have the appropriate authorization, according to the indictment.

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Soon after, Robertson, who is a commercial pilot, allegedly told a customer based in Russia that “things are complicated in the US” and that the billing should be less than $50,000 because otherwise there would be “more paperwork and clarity,” adding that “ This is not the time for either of them.” Prosecutors say a shipment to that Russian customer was later sent via Laos.

Buyanovsky and Robertson’s attorneys are not yet listed.

CNN’s Jack Forrest contributed to this report.