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2022 Golden Glove Awards Winners

2022 Golden Glove Awards Winners

The finalists for the 2022 Rollings Gold Award were announced Thursday, and the winners will be revealed during a one-hour special edition of “Baseball Tonight” on November 1 at 5 p.m. ET, broadcast on ESPN ahead of Game 4 of 2022. World series.

There are three finalists for each league at each position, including the newly created facility site, whose addition was announced last month.

To determine the winners of the standard nine positions, 30 MLB managers and up to six coaches from each team vote from a pool of players in their league, excluding players from their own team. These votes make up 75% of the total selection, with the SABR defensive index accounting for the remaining 25%.

For the utility position, Rawlings teamed up with SABR to create a specialized defensive formula separate from the traditional selection process.

Here are the 2022 Golden Glove winners:

Already a one-time Golden Glove winner as a midfielder, Bradley can now win one on the right field. Kepler, who led all the proper field players with 12 points above average, and Tucker (5 OAA) are looking for their first win.

Taylor is trying to become the first consecutive AL Gold Glove winner at center field since Kevin Kiermaier won twice in a row in 2015-16. The 31-year-old led all quarterbacks with 19 defensive passes, but Straw was close in the DRS (17) and already outpaced Taylor significantly in the OAA, 13-5, while finishing second in MLB with 12 passes on the field. . Mullins finished with 8 computer assists and 9 assists.

The retirement of eight-time Golden Glove winner Alex Gordon after the 2020 season opened the door for Benintende to win his first Golden Glove a year ago, and he looks to finish second in a row. He has some strong competition in Cowan, who led all left players with 12 OAA’s as a rookie, and Marsh. The bearded 24-year-old now patrols the field for the Phillies, but spent the first four months as a left-back for the Angels and finished 2022 with 8 OAA left.

Chapman has been the leading defender in AL in the hot corner for the past half-decade, and that didn’t change when the veteran was traded from the A’s to the Blue Jays in March. He’s looking for his fourth Golden Glove in the past five seasons, with Ramirez and Orillas vying for his first Golden Glove. He was a primarily average player in 2021, and Urías tied for the top spot in the AL third base team with 7 teams above average.

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Possibly the man who replaced Correa at Houston’s Short Stop is keeping him from winning his second consecutive Golden Glove. It didn’t take Peña long to establish himself as an elite defensive leader as a rookie, leading AL Shortstops with 15 defensive passes saved. Bogaerts is also in the mix after making big strides with the gauntlet in 2022. The veteran finished with 5 OAA, posting a positive number for the first time since 2017.

After going from short position to second base last season and winning his first Golden Glove award of his career, Simin could reach two consecutive positions in 2022. AL has not had a second base player to win back-to-back Golden Gloves since Dustin Pedroia in 2013-14. Schoop and Giménez, who finished first and second, respectively, also compete in the Outs Above Intermediate. Schoop’s 27 OAA team led all MLB players.

With four Gold Glove and Platinum Glove awards under his belt, Rizzo is an established name here. Guerrero, a former third baseman who seemed destined to end up as a full-time designated hitter, became a reliable first base defender. Arraez, the AL batting champion, didn’t appear once at first base before 2022, but he played there more than anywhere else last season and held his title.

Murphy is looking forward to a second Gold Glove in a row and is the complete package behind the board, with a strong arm, quick reflexes and excellent framing skills. He’s up against two elite shooters in Trevino, who led both stoops in framing salvaged drills, and Rally, who tied for fourth. Trevino (1st) and Rally (3rd) also ranked among the top three holdouts in saved defensive drills.

After Dallas Keuchel won five of the eight AL Gold Glove Awards on The Hill from 2014-21, we’re guaranteed to have a winner for the first time in 2022, whether it’s Berríos, Bieber or Taillon who grab the trophy.

LeMahieu is a three-time Gold Glove winner in second base, but 2022 was the first time he’s appeared in another position than he has done in second. The veteran had a positive defensive presence at third base (5 OAA), first base (2 OAA) and second base (2 OAA) for the Yankees. Merrifield bounced between second base and the field again this season and finished with 5 OAA’s – 3 in the second, 1 in the middle and 1 in the right. Rengifo had a regular playing time for the first time in his career, scoring most of his appearances at second base but also filling in third base and short base for the Angels.

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Bates won five consecutive Gold Awards – four in Boston and one in Los Angeles – before that streak ended a year ago. However, his work came to a halt in 2022. Farshaw has spent 82 Premier League games at Mascar since his arrival in 2020, including 31 this season. Despite this, he still had sportsmanship not only to play on the field (including 54 games in position) but to tie for MLB among the defensive players with 17 above-average Outs.

While Gresham’s racket slipped in 2022 – at least until the playoffs – it didn’t. He led the MLB with 17 Outs average in the middle, and now he will be seeking to win the Golden Glove for the second time in the past three seasons. It will be a first-of-its-kind tribute to Robles and Thomas, the rookie who debuted in May and awarded finalist Arizona in every off-field spot.

Peralta, who won the NL Gold Glove in 2019, earned the nod here despite finishing the season in AL after a business deal with Tampa Bay. Yelich has also won before, though not since 2014 with the Marlins. Happ, who has played a lot on center field in the past, was almost exclusively a left-winger in 2022, when he earned his first All-Star pick.

The NL is so loaded with a distinct third base that Mane Machado hasn’t even made it here. Instead, Hayes and McMahon will try to oust Arenado, who won this award in each of his previous nine seasons in the Major League. With another one, Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt would win the second-highest total in the hot corner, behind Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson 16. Only McMahon stepped solidly into the Arenado boots in Colorado, while the 25-year-old Hayes looks set to be A factor in receiving this award for many years to come.

Edman was the winner at NL a year ago, though he’s already played a little more roles in his short span this season. Its versatility is reflected in the fact that it is also a filter in the new facility site. (see below). He has two challenges in the NL West at Cronenworth and Rodgers, a former short prospect who seems to have found a home in second place with the Rockies.

Goldschmidt is also a leading NL MVP nominee, and earned his fifth Golden Glove award at first base, which would make him only the ninth player to collect at least that number. He’s also the judging winner here. However, Olson was a two-time AL winner with the A’s, which he traded for Atlanta last season. Meanwhile, Walker quietly Led all MLB first bassmen The Statcast Outs measure is above average this season by a wide margin.

NL hasn’t had back-to-back catcher winners since Yadier Molina from 2008-15, and it will continue this year, with 2021 winner Jacob Stallings not making the final. Realmuto is the only one of those three to win previously (2019), although perhaps surprisingly he doesn’t actually have multiple Golden Gloves given his well-earned reputation behind the board. In 2022, he led MLB catchers in average pop time and theft rate.

Fried has won this in each of the past two seasons and is looking to become the latest NL pitcher to collect a long streak. Zack Greinke has won six consecutive times from 2014-19, and prior to that, Hall of Famer Greg Maddux has won all but one from 1990-2008. Fried will be challenged by NL Cy Young winner Burns, as well as veteran Anderson, who excelled in his first season with the Dodgers.

Edman and Farshaw have been good enough this season to earn final points in other positions, while their ability to play in several positions on the pitch also made them a finalist. They were joined by Donovan, a rookie who played every position on the field and both in the corner. Donovan has started at least 16 games at second base (32), third base (21), right field (16) and left field (16).