April 1, 2023

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Lots of four-letter words

Lots of four-letter words

Detroit – When Aaron Boone went to the hill Directed by Gerrit Cole in the second halfthe Yankees hit the hand on his glove five times.

When asked what was on his mind at the time, Cole said, “Lots of four-letter words.”

It’s possible Cole wasn’t the only one with these thoughts after his third consecutive subpar outing to start the year, Tuesday was the worst ever.

On a frigid Detroit night, where the game was 43 degrees with winds of 19 mph, Cole allowed two runs and five career-high walks in 1 ²/ of runs in The Yankees win 4-2 at Comerica Park.

After the shortest outing of his career, Cole was 6.35.

“I’ve certainly never had anything like this in my career before,” Cole said. “But it’s not something we can’t get over.”

Aaron Boone grabbed Gerrit Cole in the second half of the Yankees’ 4-2 win over the Tigers.

So far, the results have not been encouraging for $324 million.

Leading 3-0 as the Yankees scored twice in the first inning and once in the second, Cole hit three of the four hits he faced at the bottom of the first before collapsing in the second.

During the long top of the second, Cole took the unusual step of throwing pitches in front of the Yankees’ bunker while Detroit’s right-handed Will Fist warmed up the hill.

Cole allowed a single for Miguel Cabrera, then got Spencer Turkelson on a streak to third. Cole then went full hits to seventh, eighth and ninth hits in order – and all three went.

“When I needed to do it [a pitch]Cole said. “I was trying to be too perfect.”

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The third round of the inning – after coach Matt Blake’s visit – was to Philly Castro and he was forced in the round to make it 3-1. Robbie Grossman also got a full count before hitting the sacrifice fly to cut the Yankees’ lead to 3-2. Cole then walked in with Austin Meadows—again after a full count—to load the rules again, prompting Cole for an early exit from the game.

He threw 46 shots in the second half to end the game with 68 shots.

Gerrit Cole
Gerrit Cole

Clark Schmidt came in and got Jonathan Schop to finish the inning.

After that, director Aaron Boone regretted not taking Cole out soon.

“I probably shouldn’t have left it there for as long as I did, with the weather and the number of pitches,” Boone said. “He had two, and I just wanted him to get over it.”

Despite the early results, Boone remains confident in the right hand.

“I really think he’s ready for a big year for us and he’s going to carry us for a long time,” Boone said. “He hasn’t cut his way yet.”

This put it mildly.

He allowed three runs in four rounds against Boston on opening day and three runs – including two at home to Vladimir Guerrero Jr – against Toronto in an earlier outing before Tuesday’s disaster.

“I get it, the results aren’t there,” Boone said. ‘And we’re talking about Gerrit Cole. I feel like he’s more in appearance than his stripes [would indicate]. “