September 29, 2023

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$4 Fandango Movie tickets are available for Sunday, August 27.

$4 Fandango Movie tickets are available for Sunday, August 27.

To celebrate National Film Day on Sunday, August 27, Fandango Offers $4 movie tickets to participating theatres. This deal extends to any show happening that day, and is valid for any of the more than 3,000 US theaters that use Fandango tickets. You can Buy tickets at this price now.

This is a great, affordable opportunity to catch up on some of the biggest blockbusters this summer, like Barbie And Oppenheimer. It also extends to standalone flicks like Goldaand reissues including the 30th Anniversary Celebration Jurassic Park.

Some other movies we recommend checking out if they are available in your local theater include 4K remasters of the Korean action masterpiece, big boyAnd As well as family-friendly animated films such as TMNT: Mutant Chaos And Spider Man: via spider verse. Or dive into more serious titles like Gran Turismo or The last flight of Demeter It is likely to appeal … to someone.

Selection will vary based on your local theaters, but you can still pre-purchase discounted tickets as long as your show falls on August 27th. If you’re planning to go to the movies this weekend, simply enter your zip code on the Fandango site to find participating theaters near you to take advantage of this offer.

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