May 24, 2024

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Floods worsen in Brazil: 31 dead, 74 missing and a dam broken: “This is the most important case in history”

Floods worsen in Brazil: 31 dead, 74 missing and a dam broken: “This is the most important case in history”
Rain and floods in the Rio Grande do Sul

Death toll due to heavy rains in Brazil Rio Grande do SulOn the border between Uruguay and Argentina, They rose to 31when The number of missing persons has risen to 74local officials said Friday.

Rainfall, the amount of which in recent days has been almost four times the average for the period, More than 350,000 people have been affected in 235 municipalities this weekAccording to local civil defense.

The situation is ridiculously exceptional. This is not an important case, it is very important in the history of the state“The governor of Rio Grande do Sul said, Eduardo Light.

Rainfall in recent days, almost four times the average for the period, has affected more than 350,000 people in 235 municipalities this week (REUTERS/Diego Vara)

The regional chief mentioned the death toll as “Unfortunately it will increase“okay”There are inaccessible placesBut he stressed that thousands of people are involved in rescue operations by land, water and sea.

Lead asked again People’s cooperation As it is not possible to go immediately to all the affected areas, the risk areas should be evacuated.

No storm since Monday This Thursday, there was a breach in the dam of the Andas riverAlthough People around had already been evacuated.But still Five other dams are at risk of a similar situation.

Until now, The tragedy has already forced 10,242 people to take shelter in the homes of relatives or friends, and 4,645 in temporary shelters..

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Due to the scale of the tragedy, the governor ordered State of general calamity For 180 days across the Rio Grande do Sul.

A panoramic view of Venancio Ayres, Rio Grande do Sul (REUTERS/Diego Vara)
Lula promised the government would help (REUTERS/Diego Vara)

Lee met with the Brazilian president this Thursday. Luis Inacio Lula da SilvaHe visited the area to witness the scale of the tragedy and reiterate the government’s support to deal with the effects of the storm.

The federal government is 100% with the people of Rio Grande do Sul provide resources so that the damage can be repaired,” the President declared, promising that “There will be no shortage of help“To meet the basic needs of the people.

Two rescue workers work in the area (REUTERS/Diego Vara)
The scene in Sao Sebastiao do Cai, Rio Grande do Sul (REUTERS/Diego Vara)

Armed forces have been mobilized Eight flightsEight more could be added, and more than 600 soldiers, possibly reaching 1,500 depending on the storm’s evolution.

Rio Grande do Sul, with a population of 11 million, has been hit repeatedly by the El Nino weather event over the past year, a tropical cyclone that killed more than 40 people in September.

People try to help evacuate (REUTERS/Diego Vara)

“I’ve never seen anything like it.” (…) Everything is under water, it’s sad. And it goes getting worse (…) Who can sleep at night? We don’t know how the water is going to rise and we can’t lift anything when it reaches the door of the house,” he told the news agency sadly. AFP Raul MetzelA 52-year-old machine operator in Capilla de Santana was affected by the flood.

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“We cannot do anything for anyone. “Part of my family and other people I know are in Montenegro (Kai river victims) and we can’t bring anyone here because we have no way to go,” he said sadly. Claudio OliveiraA 54-year-old mechanic.

It rained 235 municipalities And they are gone 56 people were injured and more than 350,000 were affected.

LEAD highlighted the efforts “To save lives”, rivers and streams in the state are likely to overflow further in the coming hours. He warned residents of six hill municipalities The river Kai is overflowing, After hearing Wednesday night Discharge Houses in the valley Dakwari river In the face of hydrological risk. Officials also said Partial dam failure In Hill Municipality Codepora.

Although destruction is not expected in the region, The water level will raise the river Dagwari. Aerial images released by the local government covered large areas Brown water of the Guapa RiverThe major waterway of the state is expected to reach exceptional status.

(With information from EFE and AFP)