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49 years after the coup, Borik agrees to search for the missing | Tribute to victims of Pinochet dictatorship in Chile

49 years after the coup, Borik agrees to search for the missing |  Tribute to victims of Pinochet dictatorship in Chile

From Santiago

The proposal for a new constitution was rejected by nearly 61.8% (7 million 882,958), compared to 38.14% approval (4,860,093) a week earlier, as the heat continued throughout the day of the referendum. 49 years after the 1973 coup They were marked by light morning drizzle, overcast skies and cold. While recovering from failure in this context, Gabriel Boric’s government paid tribute to Salvador Allende and his victims A national program to search for the executed, whose fate is still unknown, was highlighted by the dictatorship.

“Our commitment is to continue to tirelessly search for the missing prisoners, the 1,192 missing prisoners whose whereabouts are still unknown. This is unacceptable, intolerable, and we cannot normalize it,” Boric said in La Moneda. “This dedication Never again, this is the only and most important guarantee of non-repetition for progress in truth, justice, compensation for all victims of violence perpetrated by state agents. The process will be under the responsibility of the Ministry of Justice, which it announced during its first public accounting on June 1 as a way to offset “the many debts we carry (as a country)”.

Allende, Victor Jara and the Absent Constitution

with music Victor ZaraWhite carnations on the balconies of the palace – which was bombed by hawker hunters in 1973 and the list of its pilots has never been made public – the presence of its ministers or characters Isabel Allende, daughter of the late presidentBoric spoke precisely about his image, which resonates strongly to this day: “We continue to listen to him, I think today we remember him as he wanted us to remember him, but we do not only remember him (but) those who disappeared without even knowing us until today. , we remember the victims of persecution, insults, exiles, victims of repression for identifying with the democratically elected government during the long years of civil and military dictatorship. Better for the homeland”.

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Inevitably, the Chilean president noted Constitutional process How it will proceed is yet to be defined, and it in no way means “rejecting Chile’s changes and changes” and anything less is a victory for some group. ok It took the poll results as its own. “I deeply believe that in our time, beyond our legitimate differences, we will have a constitution that we can all be proud of. I firmly believe in the wisdom of the people, which means that the decisions taken should not be ignored or ignored. Because unlike 49 years ago, the election defeat by those of us who were there for a defeated will, I approveIt is a democratic failure (…) Sometimes, as one teacher said, success makes you dizzy, makes you lose sight, while failure precisely reinforces beliefs.

Incidents of pilgrimage

As per the traditional method, the Yatra was conducted Human rights groups, which started from the center of Santiago to reach the General Cemetery, where Allende was laid to rest. After a two-year interruption caused by epidemic restrictions, there were incidents. There, masked, they confronted the Carabineros in front of La Moneda, throwing fireworks at them, and they responded with water and tear gas cannons and massive automobile chaos resulting in the perimeter closure of downtown streets. One that does not prevent looting of shopping malls and a Widespread oppression As always by the police who came to the holy ground.

The same Borik had to intervene again to condemn this violence The hotheads, who are forcing the progressive government to use the same tactics as Piñera, are a mix between hooded men with no political connections and the Carabineros, who are less discriminating when it comes to making arrests. Protests are reported to have been infiltrated by civilians. “Salvador Allende and his legacy is mainly his value for democracy. And democracy is built through dialogue, respecting those who think differently and with violence (…) I want all those who celebrate this day to understand that, and we all understand as a country.

A year after the coup’s 50th anniversary—a milestone the government is already working on—there are more doubts than certainties. Pinochet Constitution Violent Chileans who mar any peaceful march continue to manage life with changes and how to improve the tactics of the Chilean police, whose repression will create more violence. All this, when Boric reflected, “If we want to move forward, I have no doubt, the desire of a large and majority of Chileans is to meet again. It must be peaceful and without violence, and that is what we are going to do from the government.

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