May 27, 2024

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Israel is on high alert after Iran's threats: it keeps its forces ready for any eventuality

Israel is on high alert after Iran's threats: it keeps its forces ready for any eventuality
Israel has been put on high alert after threats from Iran and is keeping its troops ready for any eventuality (REUTERS)

Israel Posted on this Thursday “Maximum Alert” Following recent threats launched by IranIn response to Monday's attack on Tehran's embassy in Damascus, seven senior Revolutionary Guard officers were killed and Tel Aviv said.

“In the last six months we have been at war on many fronts. We are on high alert in all areas. We see and defeat threats on multiple fronts all the time, and we're in High level preparation for defense and attackArmy spokesman Daniel Hagari commented that all combat units, air defense systems and aircraft “Prepare for defense and attack” in “various scenarios”.

However, the instructions in the Home Front Command remain unchanged.

Israel has not changed its tactics on the front, but has increased its security inside the borders (REUTERS)

Also, after this new security assessment, vacation leave has been canceled for all officers and the number of staff and bookings has increased, in the last few hours, GPS said. The country aims to deter possible attacks by missiles or drones.

This technology is already in use on Israel's northern border and in communities near Gaza and affects the geolocation of people in the area.

For his part, military intelligence chief Aharon Haliva warned “It is not certain that the worst is over, and troubling days lie ahead” However, shortly after, the army issued another statement in which they tried to calm the people down.

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“No need to buy generators, store food or withdraw money from ATMs. We will update immediately if any changes become official,” they said.

Chief Minister Benjamin Netanyahu He addressed this issue and issued his own warning to the Persian regime. “Iran has been working against us for years “Directly and through its proxies, Israel has gone on the defensive and offensive against Iran and its proxies,” he said during a meeting with his cabinet before the confirmation. “We know how to defend ourselves and act on the simple principle that whoever harms us or plans to harm us, we will harm them.”.

The latest announcements are in response to rising tensions in Damascus sparked by Monday's attack, which Israel blamed. The episode was the worst blow to Iran's elite military force since the death of Qassem Soleimani, following statements by the supreme leader. Ali Khamenei and the President Ibrahim RaisiA promise of revenge.

This Wednesday, Iran's Supreme Leader vowed Israel's “collapse and destruction” after the embassy attack (REUTERS)

“Desperate attempts like what they did in Syria will not save them from failure. Of course, (Israel) will be punished for what he has done (…) The failure of the Zionist regime in Gaza will continue and The regime collapses and approaches destruction“There will be an evil regime,” Khamenei warned this week Punished by our brave men“With the help of God, let us make them repent of this and other similar crimes.”

Meanwhile, Iran's ambassador to Syria declared that “Israel crossed a red line” by attacking his country.

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Thus, Tel Aviv now faces a range of possible scenarios involving attacks Missiles And Drones Started by pro-Tehran groups Lebanon, Syria, Iraq One Yemen. All these terrorist fighters maintain crossovers with the country, within the framework of the conflict with Hamas. However, the IDF did not rule out a possible maneuver Ballistic missiles launched directly from IranAlthough this hasn't happened yet.

In any case, according to The Times of Israel Two Iranian officials were quoted as saying that the Persian state would not change the approach adopted in October to avoid a direct conflict with Israel or the United States, but would continue its attacks in support of militants already at war with these parties. Therefore, the retaliation will be limited and will have deterrence objectives, one of the officials said.

(with information from EFE)