February 29, 2024

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A 400-year-old blind shark appears in the waters of Belize

A 400-year-old blind shark appears in the waters of Belize

A Shark Lives in the frozen waters of the Arctic, and feeding on the carcasses of polar bears, appeared on a coral reef On the coast of Belize. What is interesting about this case is that according to experts from Florida International University (FIU), this is the first time this type of shark has been found in the ocean. Caribbean West Belize, in front of the second longest barrier reef in the world.

This ancient shark specimen was discovered Devanshi KasanaA researcher at Florida International University’s Predator Ecology and Conservation Laboratory worked with local Belizean fishermen. Purpose of tagging tiger sharksAs they are an important species in the country’s fisheries, monitor their movements and find strategies to better manage their populations.

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After a long night of work, the weather began to deteriorate and a storm approached. So, the team reviewed their rankings one last time and as they were about to withdraw, They found a very slow creature at one endWho had Looks very old.

The creature had a blunt nose and very small, pale blue eyes, leading scientists to believe it was a specimen. Sleeper sharks. But after consulting with the director of shark and ray conservation research at Mott Marine Laboratory & Aquariums, the answer was surprising: The model had several financial coincidences with the Greenland shark, Somniosus microcephalus..

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After that, Cassana consulted with several Greenland shark experts, who determined that it was one of these specimens. The oldest sharks in the world, And some were 400 years. In this context, scientists from Florida International University took this extraordinary discovery into account and began to study it. Great distance from natural habitat greenland shark, in relation to the point where it is located.

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The Greenland sharks They still exist A A puzzle for science, although they are known to prefer the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean. Even so, this family of sharks is thought to monitor ocean depths around the world. That’s why experts think so They can live anywhere on the planetBut in the deep tropics, lower temperatures are found.

The water where this shark was found is deep. Glover’s Reef Atoll descends to a depth of 3,000 metersThat means there is cold water there, which determines the ideal environment for a Greenland shark to thrive.

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Notably, Florida International University and the Belize Department of Fisheries are working together to reduce shark overfishing and protect populations of this species. In this context, Nigel Hussey, one of the world’s leading experts on Greenland sharks and an associate professor of biology at the University of Windsor, sent researchers from the aforementioned institute. Satellite tracking devices to do In case of a new discovery, follow the migratory behavior of said species.

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