December 8, 2022

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A British MP who saw pornography during a parliamentary session has resigned: his extraordinary explanation

Neil Parish, Conservative MP for Diverton and Honeton County

Neil Parish, the British Conservative MP, announced on Saturday that he had decided to resign as a Member of Parliament after being exposed to pornography on his phone while attending a parliamentary session.

Parish, a deputy for the Diverton & Honeydon block in Devon County (southwest of England), agreed in an interview with the Network this Saturday. BBCWhat It was “a moment of madness” and He admitted that the first time he approached pornography was “accidental”, but the second time he did so deliberately.

“I was looking for tractors”The 65-year-old promised this former farmer BBC. “But I went down to another page with the same name. I was looking at it for a moment. I should not have done it.”Parish tried to explain. “But the mistake, my biggest mistake, I went back a second time and it was done on purpose.”In a moment of “lack of control”, he almost insisted on the brink of tears.

Neil Parish has announced his resignation after admitting he watched pornographic videos during a debate in the House of Commons (Made Cardi / Getty Images).
Neil Parish has announced his resignation after admitting he watched pornographic videos during a debate in the House of Commons (Made Cardi / Getty Images).

The parish was suspended on Friday by the Conservative Party His case is scheduled to be heard by the House Standards Committee, Assessing his behavior and establishing whether he is guilty of inappropriate behavior. However, the parish, which initially refused to resign, He chose to resign as a Member of Parliament, which would lead to him choosing a by-election to replace him.

After being identified as a partner who saw the pornography, Parish admitted on Friday that he was able to open the video “incorrectly”. Two female colleagues said they saw him watching some pornography when he was downstairs.

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He was criticized by Conservative colleagues and the opposition called for his resignation, and the deputy was under intense pressure to leave his seat.

Archive a photo of the House of Commons session with 650 delegates (REUTERS)
Archive a photo of the House of Commons session with 650 delegates (REUTERS)

A Conservative Party spokeswoman for Tiverton & Honiton on Saturday thanked Parish for its “services to our communities” over the past few years and for “supporting his decision to resign as Member of the British Parliament”.

The 65-year-old parish was chairman of the House of Commons’ Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, and his resignation was announced on Thursday, May 5, just days before local elections in the United Kingdom.

The scandal came to light after controversy erupted over the anonymous statements of several “Tory” delegates who falsely accused Labor’s “number two” Angela Rainer of trying to divert attention from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. To the first. Those representatives compared Rainer to American actress Sharon Stone, who starred in the film Low intuition She crosses her legs in a scene that is now popular.

The motive for the misogyny against Reiner was to force Johnson and other lawmakers to unite and condemn these “unacceptable” attitudes in one parliament.

Labor MP Angela Rainer accused "Trying to distract" To Boris Johnson in the House of Commons (REUTERS / Hannah McKay)
Labor MP Angela Rainer has been accused of trying to distract Boris Johnson from the House of Commons (REUTERS / Hannah McKay).

These cases include A further 56 complaints of alleged sexual misconduct against other members of parliament, They are currently unidentified, including three members of the Conservative government and two opposition spokesmen.

The British Minister for International Trade, Anne-Marie Travelian, on one occasion admitted that a deputy had pushed herself against the wall and sexually advanced her. And “several times” admitted that he had been subjected to female harassment by co-workers.

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Conservative Caroline Knox, chair of the House of Commons Women and Equality Committee, agreed. Gender discrimination is institutionalized in the Conservative Party He was criticized for condemning the situation.

“I know male colleagues have accused me (of these cases) of leaking in the corridors of Westminster. The Times.

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