February 2, 2023

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Russia has confirmed plans to bomb Kiev, killing journalist Veera Heirich

Russia has confirmed plans to bomb Kiev, killing journalist Veera Heirich

Russia confirmed the kyiv bombing on Friday with “high-precision” missilesUN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres during a visit to the Ukrainian capital on Thursday.

In that attack Vera Heirich, producer and journalist at the U.S. Financial Aid Center, has died Radio Free Europe / Radio LibertyAfter his house was hit by a missile.

Russia’s Defense Ministry says it has launched “long-range, high-precision” air strikes on Artemis missile and space agency workshops.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky stressed the strong global response to Thursday’s attack, which came after his talks with Guterres.

Pictures of the building in the center of Kiev where Russian missiles killed journalist Veera Hirsch

“It is unfortunate, but Russia has not responded to the deliberate and brutal humiliation,” he said.

The first bombing of the capital since mid-April came after Guterres’ visit to Pucha, where dozens of bodies were found after Russian troops withdrew earlier this month, as well as other cities in the suburbs of Kiev.

From journalists AFP They saw the building burning in the residential area, with a thick haze of smoke Negro escapes through broken windows.

“I heard the sound of two rockets and two explosions. It was similar to the sound of a plane flying, then two explosions three or four seconds apart,” 34-year-old Alexander Stroganov told AFP.

More than 8,000 cases

UN Secretary General condemns Kiev attack Asked Moscow to “cooperate” with the International Criminal Court to “maintain accountability”. About alleged crimes committed against civilians in Pucha.

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Ukraine’s attorney general Irina Venedikova said They have identified “more than 8,000 cases” as war crimes.

Also, he pointed out An investigation is underway against ten Russian soldiers suspected of being involved in atrocities in PuchaDozens of bodies in civilian clothes were found after troops withdrew from Moscow.

UN Secretary General condemns kyiv attack
The UN Secretary-General condemned the kyiv attack and called on Moscow to “cooperate” with the International Criminal Court to “establish accountability”.

According to Venedikova, the facts under investigation include “civilian killings, bombing and torture of civilian infrastructure,” as well as “reported sexual offenses” in the occupied territory of Ukraine.

U.S. Defense Department spokesman John Kirby has attacked Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “fraud” and questioned whether someone with “ethical and moral sense” could justify the bombing of hospitals and the brief execution of innocents.

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