June 16, 2024

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A commando team raids a shopping mall and escapes gunfire

A commando team raids a shopping mall and escapes gunfire

It took place at the Mall Plaza Ecana shopping center in the commune of La Reina. They wore white clothes.

A violent attack this Sunday created terror In a mall in Santiago de ChileThere the criminals entered to steal wearing white clothes and escaped without being shot.

Everything happened At Mall Plaza Econa Shopping Center, in the commune of La Reina in the center of the city. About eight thieves came to the scene with the intention of robbing a shop selling technical goods.

According to the first information, a carabinieri was at the scene who tried to stop the attack. Faced with this situation, the criminals fled to open fire on two cars waiting for them in the parking lot of the shopping center.

As can be seen in the security camera videos, the two thieves were injured and had to be helped by their accomplices. They failed to rescue one of them and left him lying in the parking lot.

Shoppers panicked at the sight They started running around the mall Looking for a place to hide.

According to the country’s media, shots were fired inside and outside the mall. So far there has been no impact among customers.

“Eight armed men entered, masked and overall, armed with pistols, they threw us on the ground and stole everything they could find. They took out bags and bags,” said a Silvesian journalist who was at the scene.

Another witness at Mall Egana added: “They went in and out with weapons. The most remarkable thing was that they were with radios and they were pointing at something in case the police came.”

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According to the country’s BioBio outlet, Malplaza Deputy Manager of Security, Horacio Graniffo, discovered the presence of the thieves.and implemented all safety protocols This helped the police act quickly.

“Shopping centers and malls are places for family entertainment. To counter this unprecedented crime wave, the authorities must urgently speed up all the initiatives being implemented,” the assistant manager added.

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