March 30, 2023

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A dangerous American drink that Argentinians already consume

Their names and where they were received have not been released to protect their privacy, but the truth is First known case in ArgentinaFive youths suffered adverse effects of codeine Drowsiness, confusion, nausea, vomiting, constipation and respiratory depressionIt can be put Ingestion of this opium-derived alkaloid is life-threatening.

This is Some cough medicines contain dangerous drugs It has become very popular in America and Europe, and now it has reached Argentine soil. Although it is difficult to get in the country, people with good financial status can achieve Bring her from abroad.h

What do the experts say about it?

One of the toxicologists at the General Hospital for acute Carlos Durant, Francis Doddickexplained the following: “The drink contains codeine, which is a very powerful cough syrup and sometimes, it also contains promethazine, which is commonly used for allergic conditions. It is mixed with sweetened sodas, and they usually put candy in the glass. Codeine is a derivative of morphine, fentanyl. They are very good medicines, but they can be very dangerous if misused“.

And he added: “The greatest danger arises because Codeine can inhibit respiratory function and the person will then go into respiratory arrest. And an overdose of this drug It can put you in a deep coma. is an object Very powerful for the body, A single administration of high doses can lead to death. In addition, two codeine, like other opioids Very addicting. Although slavery is multifaceted, These drugs are very addictive“.

Who is an artist in this regard? Rapper Little Bow Wow admits to warning young people about addictionFamous friend American rapper, singer and record producer, Mac MillerHe died of a codeine overdose. “To the youth, stop these stupid drugs already. The Lean (also known as codeine) It changed my character, changed everything. It even got me into fights with my family.Published once.

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Tadic concluded his piece by warning that the “recreational” use of the drug in Argentina is post-pandemic due to the cough caused by Covid-19: “I happened to see people who started taking cough syrup in the office. Dependent on codeineā€.