June 19, 2024

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They charged him a fortune for two coffees and a water and his “revenge” created widespread rejection in the network.

They charged him a fortune for two coffees and a water and his “revenge” created widespread rejection in the network.

Stories of customers attending a bar or restaurant and sAnd discontent is common in social networks.

In a routine that seems to be the same in most cases, these people go to a store to share the details of their meal or snack with the network (usually the bill), which becomes the focus of discussions.

On this occasion, the story happened Madrid, SpainA man identified as Javier Sanz went to the restaurant called BackyardLocated in a very touristy area and it’s usually there Slightly more expensive than other parts of the Spanish capital.

This user’s rant on social networks while noticing the price of two coffees and a water

By attending this renowned gastronomic destination, Javier ordered two coffees and a mineral water for a final price of 26 euros (5500 pesos, approximately, in Argentina).

From that ticket Arrived at his desk, the customer showed his complaint to the company and on his Twitter account, he noted what his reaction was: “Do you know which is the most expensive place in Madrid? They charged me 26 euros for two coffees and a water. PS: I didn’t leave a note“, he expressed, exasperated.

Once the content goes viral, the user gets more Like it (also known as “likes”) and many negative comments about his actions. Not all of them, of course, but the majority insisted that it was a very exclusive establishment “Wrong” is his “revenge”.

“If you go to the Four Seasons or the center of Madrid, the most important thing is the coffee, with luxurious decor, an elegant space, forty staff, privacy, comfort and a good atmosphere. If you don’t like it, go to another bar”; But was that coffee in a gold cup or what? “In the same place, I ate a hamburger for 40 euros. I don’t think there is any more expensive place in Madrid.

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I agree it’s not cheap. But we should have some common sense: A 5-star luxury hotel, the cheapest room will exceed 1,000 euros per night, don’t expect to pay a little, you’re paying for location and exclusivity”, these are some of the most remarkable reactions.

Stories in the world of gastronomy are different and in different parts of the world, circumstances change according to each country’s legislation. In the particular case AmericaBusinesses added a fee to cover the cost of health insurance for employees, creating much controversy and affecting customers.

This is what Bill asked after eating at a local in California, a young woman named Ashley. When she arrived, she was surprised to see the object 5 percent surcharge under the concept of “Employee Health”. And posted how he felt watching it on his TikTok account.

“My immediate thought was, ‘What is employee wellness? What does that mean?‘”, said the man, who paid this additional fee but was not entirely satisfied with the attitude of the place, saying that he was not sure whether the money would actually be used for the purpose proposed.