June 13, 2024

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A firefighter who risked his life to save 3 friends who died hugging in the river should be punished

A firefighter who risked his life to save 3 friends who died hugging in the river should be punished

A video showing a firefighter trying to save three friends (Video: X/@AngeloMaggioni3, Photo: Capture)

In Italy they already know him as a firefighter-hero. A new video that went viral in the past few hours shows just when Nothing seriousTo try to rescue three young Romans who had embraced against the current, in the north of the country, in the middle of the Netisone River, just before they were swept away by the force of the water.

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His efforts were in vain. All three boys were swept away by the current. bodies Patricia Garmos20 years old, and Bianca Toros23 people were rescued. Christian MolnarBianca’s boyfriend is still missing.

The irony of it all is that the firefighter-hero, whose name has not been released, is at risk of being sanctioned. According to the site IlFriuli.it, A regulatory process was opened For jumping into the river, he risked his life.

Their action, according to the Cgil-Fp union, may be a violation of workplace safety regulations.

How was the recovery effort?

The three boys had gone to spend the day at the river near Udine in the Friuli region on Friday, May 31. Without any major problems, they walked towards a small island in the middle of the river. But suddenly the water began to rise and then they realized that they could no longer return to the shore.

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The water reached their knees. Patricia called emergency services four times for help.

Christian Cassian Molnar (25), Bianca Toros (23), Patricia Garmos (20). Three friends who drowned in Italy. (Photo: Courtesy of The Telegraph).

When firefighters arrived, the situation was dire. The three friends hugged each other in the middle of the river, desperately trying to stay on their feet and not be swept away by the current.

In this case, the firefighter-hero jumped into the river by tying himself with a rope. Video footage, which went viral on social media, showed him swimming against the current to try to reach his three friends.

The small circle shows the firefighter swimming towards the three young men marked by the big circle (Photo: IlFriuli.it)

He could never progress. The force of the current keeps it always in the same place. Finally, he had to give up and wait for more help to arrive.

A rope was thrown to them from the shore, but they could do nothing.

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“We threw a rope over them, but they were literally swallowed by the water before our eyes. “We saw them disappearing,” he said. Giorgio BasileChief of Udine Firefighters.

Bianca and Patricia’s bodies were recovered two days after the tragedy. Christian is still missing.