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How is Jinwar, a town inhabited only by women?

How is Jinwar, a town inhabited only by women?
Jinwar, a community located in northeastern Syria, stands out as a settlement entirely organized and self-regulated by women (Reuters)

in the heart Kurdistan Syria, border region Syria And Turkey, It was discovered JinwarA little Village. This city, its foundations were opened November 25, 2018, International Day Against Gender-Based Violence, It is an autonomous community run and inhabited only by women and their children who want a self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle.

In the village, mothers live with their children and live apart Work And this resources Equally. Men can visit, but not stay overnight. This organization strengthens the sense of safety and security for many women in the city, especially victims. Gender violence or forced marriages.

The houses A tribute to Jinwar Traditional architecture; are built with Clay, a material that regulates indoor temperature, keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter. The village is surrounded fields Residents are engaged in agriculture Cereals, Fruit trees And Olives. These crops provide food to the community and also represent a source of income A local agricultural cooperative.

Jinwar’s appearance predates the struggle for Kurdish women’s rights and their active role in society (Reuters)

Jinwar’s history is deeply marked Struggle against him Islamic State (ISIS). In 2017After failure of this terrorist group In this region, the idea of ​​creating Jinwar began to take shape. Many women have or have lost their partners in the conflict victims The brutality of ISIS. With the support of local authorities and various humanitarian organizations, the women’s group began to develop Jinwar as a safe haven.

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The village offers security, Access Education And this Health. There is a School Where children and women can learn, a Farm It provides food and a Therapy Naturopathy is the preparation of medicines from the plants and flowers of the region. Also, Jinwar A Cultural Center Active with talks and plays that promote social cohesion and cultural expression.

Jinwar society is a reflection of the political structure of Kurdistan, where women have a significant presence. spheres Public life, incl Government and security of territory. The system is particularly matriarchal, providing an alternative model to the dominant patriarchal societies in the region.

A general view of the curious city known as Jinwar (Reuters}

Kurdistan is a vast region in the Middle East that includes parts of Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria. Its majority population KurdsVery one Ancient without one Home State. A large number of people showed up in the area Conflictsincluding the Syrian civil war and attacks Turkish Army Against Kurdish militias, as well War against him Islamic State.

Most of the women in Jinwar fled persecution by the Islamic State And they found a place in this community to feel safe and express their voices. The Islamic State’s defeat in Jinwar is seen as a military victory and against a culture that oppresses women and excludes them from public life. In many Arab countries, women still face laws and traditions that limit their rights and freedoms.

Girls carry school bags as they walk in the village of Jinwar (Reuters).

The economy Ginwar based Self-sufficiency. Since the program began, women More than 400 fruit trees have been planted and grains have been cultivated In the surrounding fields. Also, society a Farm Ensuring supply of milk, meat and eggs for animal husbandry. They have also implemented Renewable energy Electricity should be supplied mainly through solar panels. Community meetings are open and decisions are taken collectively, exemplifying the underlying democratic model.

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The city represents a monumental effort to reverse the difficulties faced by women in the region and promote an equity-based lifestyle. Consistency And this Female unity. Jinwar’s abode and symbol Endurance And hope To all the women in the world looking for a place free of oppression.