May 23, 2024

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A former Christian official of “Dolce Vita” was sent for oral investigation for inconsistent negotiations and money laundering.

A former Christian official of “Dolce Vita” was sent for oral investigation for inconsistent negotiations and money laundering.

Gustavo GentleA former Christian official, he became famous Luxury living, mansions, jewelry, expensive cars and travelFaced with an oral hearing, he was accused of buying a construction company through Figurities and profiting from public funds.

Federal Judge Sebastian Casanello Considered to be the first section of the investigation into the Gentle, the negotiations, which were supposed to be inconsistent with public activities in the real competition with money laundering, came to an end after both sides of the counter were set up. As head of the Road Privileges Regulatory Commission (Occovi) Between 2008 and 2015 he was a hidden partner of companies that amassed wealth through the intervention of that organization.

Casanello ordered that the accused be placed on a gentleman’s bench before the federal oral criminal tribunal, which was won by lottery. He will do so with a group allegedly involved in his criminal maneuvers: Ricardo López Naon, Alejandro Luchetti, José Manuel Guzman, Andrés Pasman, Hector José Giuffrida and Miguel Andrés Ducotte.

Magistrate, like the Federal Attorney Federico DelcadoIt is estimated that there is sufficient evidence to accuse Gentle of buying a 30% stake in Sycic, of which he was a shareholder from October 16, 2012 to November 2016.

To this end, Gentle Lopez returned to me, where he acted as his pioneer and capitalized on “Cooperative Credinver Vivienda, Credito, Consumption and Social Services Ltda”, of which Andres Bossman was the director, of which Lucetti also participated. Since then, according to court evidence, Gentle would have dedicated himself as the head of Occovi, which benefits Sycic.. That is, itself. For example, by imposing road concessions to hire their own advisor.

Six maids, three ayas, personal trainers and diamonds for a three-year-old daughter on Gustavo Gentile’s family list of strangers

“Gentili’s involvement in the agreement between Ausol and Sycic, as a public official and as a partner in the company,” Casanello explained in the order raised to his inquiry. “Personal interest in that business by diverting state interests.” In the same vein, Gentley intervened in the bidding process for Routes 4 and 8, so that the companies involved needed the “technical approval” of the embassy consulting firm, and its partners worked with him. Bargaining option.

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Like Sycic, Gentili was one of the shadow partners of diplomatic advice.For that he sought Ducot as a figurehead, cCasanello concluded, “allowing him to understand the economic benefits of the aforementioned corruption.” In this context, the judge rejected the defensive arguments of Gentleman, Bossman, and Gufrida, arguing that they should create more evidence or dismissing them.

Now Casanello is to move forward with other sections of the investigation into the business environment involving Gentle and his family and his wife. Laura Andion, A former officer, with him Shared from a mansion in exclusive country, high quality trucks, properties in Uruguay and frequent first class trips -For him, his second wife and their eleven children-, Bundles of gold jewelry, dollars and diamonds and gems.

Gently spent US $ 28,500 renting a house for fifteen days in the Punta del Este
Gently spent US $ 28,500 renting a house for fifteen days in Punta del Este

Evidence in the file exposes the involvement of other close associates of the Gentlemen, such as lawyers. Edward Rock And Horacio Dias Zero, Was questioned in activities such as acquiring a construction company. “Both Lopez I, Gustavo Gentile and Ducot maintained a regular relationship, at least via email,” Casanello said while ordering Gentile’s first charge. “Both this move and the acquisition of Gentile’s area were coordinated by all of the nominees.”

The same evidence that justice was restored by raiding multiple homes and seizing computers and telephones records the desperate attempts of those involved to expedite and cover up their tracks in criminal activity. “Give him a spade because the water is coming,” Lopez Nayan wrote in November 2016 to another person involved. Nation He had already brought to light Gentleley’s luxury life and Justice had begun its investigation.

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At the time of the release of those first lawsuits, the magistrate ordered the confiscation of more than $ 811.5 million in Gentle, Lopez I, Bosman, Lucetti, Gufrida and companies Sycic, Cooperativa Credinver, Perugia SA, Rocma Equities Corp and Elimientos $ 2 million. On Guzman, raising $ 1,211.5 million against Ducot.