February 24, 2024

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A longtime Fortnite player is baffled after getting rare skins after years

A longtime Fortnite player is baffled after getting rare skins after years

A Fortnite player returned to the game after years of not playing, and to his surprise he received a complete set of rare classic skins and cosmetics absolutely for free.

Fortnite is back in a big way by adding a whole host of original Chapter 1 content through the Season OG update on November 3, 2023.

With record numbers of new and returning players arriving on the Battle Royale island, players have been loving the nostalgic trip back to the game’s roots.

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Even though Epic Games announced that Season OG is finally coming to a close with the music-themed in-game event The Big Bang, players are still flocking to the nostalgic memories.

One player in particular was shocked after he logged into his Fortnite account after years of not playing to discover that Epic Games had rewarded him with several rare Classic items and cosmetics.

An OG Fortnite player returns years later to discover rare skins

Longtime Fortnite player Reginof99 took to Reddit With their sudden discovery, they show that they have obtained many cosmetics.

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“I logged into Fortnite years later and received these. Is this a bug or was it given to everyone who couldn’t unlock the modes in time?” Reginof99 posted.

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The rewards contain many classic skins, styles and pickaxes that are given to the player for free, such as the popular Lynx Stage 3 outfit style.

One person commented, “My brother opened a time capsule,” to which the player replied, “Yes, basically, I haven’t touched Fortnite in like 4 years!”

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“I came from OG fortnite straight to the new OG fortnite as if nothing had happened in between,” one player said, and the author explained further: “I stopped playing during Season 7 (Chapter 1), right after Call of Duty Black Ops 4 came out. “

Many have tried to provide a reason why the cosmetic items were gifted after so long, especially since the player revealed that he never opened them originally.

“It may have been given to your account when XP changed with Chapter 2. Someone suggested that XP was completely different in Chapter 1,” with other veteran returning players revealing that they also received Classic rewards.

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The Fortnite OG season is finally coming to a close as the game heads into Chapter 5 with the upcoming The Big Bang live event and three Eminem skins.