February 22, 2024

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A new PS5 game is launching early, surprising fans and its developers

A new PS5 game is launching early, surprising fans and its developers

a surprise! Super wings 2, a mission-based flight sim previously available on PC and Meta Quest, is now available on PlayStation 5 and PSVR2. Fans who were excited to play the sequel on Sony's console had no idea the game was launching today. It turns out that the developers were not aware of this and are now trying to figure out what happened.

On January 25, Super wings 2 It was released on PSVR2. Previously, the developers behind the game —Bit Planet Games—has confirmed A version of the flying game is planned to be released on the PlayStation VR headset. Initially, the release window was set to Sometime in late 2023. But this did not happen. However, when the game suddenly dropped on PSN late last night, many fans who had been following it closely assumed that the developers had dropped the flight sim a few weeks after the originally scheduled PSVR2 launch. But that wasn't the plan.

On January 26ththe developers confirmed that the game's release was a complete shock to them, posting: “Shadowfall Super wings 2 On PSVR2 today it wasn't on the 2024 bingo card, but well, here we are.

In a reply For someone asking if they shouldn't buy and install the game, Bit Planet explained that the release was “unexpected” and that the release had some “relatively minor issues” that were already fixed in a patch that was supposed to launch alongside the game but will now be released after some days.

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Did you accidentally launch Sony? Super wings 2 early?

Kotaku He talked to Bit Planet and asked what happened. Was this a mistake on Sony's part as some online assumed?

“We don't think so,” Pete Planet told me. “We don't know what happened. It could be something we did or didn't do. I just don't know (yet). I will say we don't think Sony released the game by mistake.

In a post on Reddit, one of the game's developers confirmed that they don't know what happened, but suggested that they may not have updated the release date information on the PSN backend.

“We set an estimated release date of 9/2, and, well, look what happened. However, I believe there is a completely separate section for actual release dates that were set late last year and have not been updated. Developer on Reddit.

after Kotaku I contacted the developer, BitPlanet Posted a new tweet Explaining the situation, he added: “On the positive side, the Dayish 1 patch has been submitted and should be released within days.”

It's a strange launch for sure, and I assume the developers aren't happy that they couldn't roll out the previously planned marketing Super wings 2release. But on the other hand, look at this, we're all talking about it Super wings 2 On PSVR2.