March 4, 2024

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The Nintendo Switch 2 is said to have an 8-inch LCD screen

The Nintendo Switch 2 is said to have an 8-inch LCD screen

The Nintendo Switch 2 has an 8-inch LCD screen, according to a new report.

Bloomberg He cites Omdia analyst Hiroshi Hayase, who specializes in the display market, in his report claiming that the Switch's unannounced successor console has an 8-inch LCD display and will launch later in 2024. For context, the standard Switch has a 6.2-inch on-screen display . Diagonally, the OLED has a 7-inch screen.

last year, VGC He said Nintendo was scheduled to launch its next-gen console during the second half of 2024, with development kits in the hands of partner studios. According to the website, which has a track record of reporting undisclosed information, the next-gen console can be used in handheld mode, like the Nintendo Switch, and has an LCD screen instead of an OLED screen in order to cut costs. It is also said to come with a cartridge slot for physical games.

Reports that Nintendo has opted for an LCD screen for the Switch 2 have disappointed some fans who were hoping for OLED, given that Nintendo released an OLED version of the original Switch console. Earlier this year, another analyst predicted that the Switch 2 would launch at $400, with the price of games increasing to $70.

The main question remains: Is the Switch 2 backward compatible? That is, will you be playing the original Switch games, either physically or digitally? Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser declined to get involved in the Switch 2 rumours, but pointed to Nintendo's account as holding steady during the inevitable “transition.”

“Our goal is to minimize the decline that you typically see in the last year of one cycle and the beginning of another cycle,” Bowser said. “I can't speak to the potential features of a new platform, but Nintendo Account is a strong foundation for having that communication as we make the transition.”

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We don't know when Nintendo will show off its new console, but we might get some hints at the company's regular February Direct, which is typically used to set the table for the new year. Meanwhile, the Switch continues to roll, with a remaster of Paper Mario Thousand-Year Door HD and a new Princess Peach game among the releases on the docket.

While we wait for Nintendo's inevitable announcement, check out everything we know about the Switch 2.

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