November 30, 2023

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A nurse reveals what people say before they die and goes viral on the networks | Chronicles

The Death This is something that is banned in many communities. There are those who see it and there are those who take it as part of their life cycle. In this case, A nurse used her account TikTok To reveal what people often say before they die.

The heroine of this clip is the nurse Julie McFadden (@hospecenursejulie). The professional works in a specialized area where sick patients are transferred. Especially in that field Have a dignified death.

McFadden has been working in this area for 5 years. That is why he has witnessed so many patient deaths during this time. On his tic tac account, the nurse counted What last words will people say before they die.

Nurse Julie McFadden What are her patients’ last moments and what they say before they die (pictured) TikTok)

She is obligated in every shift of work as she faces death day by day. In addition, it is customary for anyone to deliver sad news to the relatives of a deceased patient.

When that moment comes, the health expert promises that people will tend to do the same things over and over again: “There’s one thing most people say before they die, and it’s usually‘ I love you ’,” he reveals. Many “usually call their mom or dad who is already dead.”, The Sun explained in an interview

For her part, Nurse McFadden explained by posting this video on her TikTok What he wanted was for people to be able to reject certain situations that happen at the time of death.

In this sense, the expert pointed out that in those moments before death patients usually present with changes in respiration, skin color, terminal secretion and fever. It happens and, even if they seem like it “Unusual”, Deep down they are not.

“They are normal and not painful or uncomfortable. At the end of life our bodies take care of themselves; the less we intervene the better.” The viral professional was cited for presenting his views on the death process.

The clip, released by nurse Julie McFadden, has garnered over 745 thousand views on the social network TikTok. Additionally more than 44 thousand likes and thousands of comments. He currently has more than 427,000 followers “Teach them about death”, so they will not be afraid of it.

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