June 18, 2024

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The dictatorship of Daniel Ortega forced Nicaragua to resign as a member of the Organization of American States.

Daniel Ortega (EFE / George Torres / Archive)

Foreign Minister of the Daniel Ortega regime, Denise Moncota, Announced this Friday The country has officially begun the process of leaving the Organization of American States (OAS). What does he think? “Persistent symptoms of interruption“In internal affairs.

The Nicaraguan diplomat confirmed that he had followed the president’s instructions. Daniel Ortega, He complained to the organization’s secretary, Luis Almagro, about “interference in internal affairs, and as a result the will of the country.”Leave the company.

Protects the freedom, sovereignty and self-determination of the people of Nicaragua, Regarding its internal legal framework and world judgments, ”Moncada pointed out.We resign from that organization in the face of violations by OAS and the United States, Instrumentalized under the interests of the North ”.

Thus reversing that decision This was taken after the National Assembly condemned the OAS Charter And clarified “The people and government of Nicaragua are withdrawing from being part of this captive organization in Washington”.

This Thursday, The Supreme Court of Nicaragua has asked Ortega to begin the process of withdrawing from the OAS. By condemning the charter of the body, thus added to the demand Parliament.

Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) Louis Almagro (EFE / Orlando Barria / Archive)
Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) Louis Almagro (EFE / Orlando Barria / Archive)

Earlier, the National Assembly referred to Article 143 of the Constitution, which states, “Can be condemned by any member state, In writing to the General Secretariat, will notify others of the complaint it receives in each case ”.

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The document states that “two years after the date of receipt of the complaint by the General Secretariat, this letter will not apply to the complainant state.”

In the aftermath of Sunday’s November 7 election, amid allegations of fraud and criticism of the regime’s crackdown on opposition parties and critics, The OAS passed a resolution declaring the elections “illegal.”, A “callImmediate joint assessment“On purpose”Take appropriate action“As for Nicaragua.

Presidential elections in Nicaragua on SundayThey are not free, fair or transparent, and they have no democratic legitimacy”. The document further states that Nicaraguan authorities have ignored all of the organization’s recommendations.

Nicaragua Foreign Ministry Letter to OAS:

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