July 13, 2024

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A paradise island offers $ 43 million to those who want to go: what are the requirements

A paradise island offers $ 43 million to those who want to go: what are the requirements

For those who want to emigrate from Argentina, there is an island in Ireland that is looking for people to go there and they will be paid $92,000, which is 43 million pesos if you take the blue as a reference.

This is Inis Mór, a place known for the 2022 Disney movie “The Spirits of the Island” and starring Colin Farrell.

The island is depopulated due to youth migration and the Irish government is looking for people to repopulate it.

Why is the island government subsidizing?

In this film, which was shortlisted in various categories at the Oscars, he describes some details such as some people moving to work in central cities.

The problem is not just imagination, but the last local census revealed that only 762 residents still live there, so the Irish government announced a program called “Our Living Islands” (Our Living Islands), through which they will pay those who pay. Determined to move.

“The department is committed to meeting these needs through ongoing and capital investments, in collaboration with its own department and other related departments and organizations,” the officials noted.

Requirements to go to the island and get 92 thousand dollars

To join the scheme, the applicant must select a house on the island that was built before 1993 and has not been lived in for two years.

As for the money, it should be used directly for spare parts and house decoration.

As for other requirements, you need to keep your personal documents up-to-date in order to enter a country that is part of the European Union.

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Also, keep in mind that it can be enjoyed as a peaceful place, with a pollution-free environment, constant rainfall, beaches and landscapes with annual temperatures varying between 1°C in winter and 31°C in summer. /100