December 2, 2023

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Two people were killed and more than 4,000 were killed in the storm in Chile

Two people were killed and more than 4,000 were killed in the storm in Chile

AndIncrease in flow of some rivers like Mapocho, Maibo, Cachabol and TinguriricaDue to torrential rain, left farTwo dead and 4,180 affected as storm hits ChileAccording to official sources.

The storm has affected five parts of the neighboring country since last Wednesday –Biobío, Maule, Metropolitana, Ñuble and O’Higgins– It caused flooding, roadblocks, highways, power and drinking water, as well as destroyed bridges.

“Two people have died after being crushed by falling trees caused by heavy rains that are lashing the country,” Chilean President Gabriel Boric confirmed.

Three others are missing.419 victims, 1,002 sheltered, 2,759 people isolated and water cut off in several communes,” the president added. A woman driving a private vehicle south of the country’s capital, Santiago de Chile, later died. According to the Carabineros, a large tree fell. The second accident Police spokesmen told AFP the incident occurred in the city of Concepcion.

Whether it’s the Carabineros, the armed forces, the fire department or the neighborhood authorities, we’ve seen dramatic scenes of brave people’s rescues. They are risking their lives, so I call on the entire population to take responsibility and comply with the evacuation notices,” Poric said in press reports.

Due to the situation, local authorities began evacuating people in the most affected areas, including Routes 5 and 68.

According to the newspaper ‘La Tercera’, a preventive evacuation was requested from the areas near the rivers “due to the threat of proliferation”.

Within this framework, the President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, met his cabinet today to “monitor the emergency caused by the rains” and asked his team to “make every effort to help the affected families positioned throughout the region”.

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For his part, Manuel Monsalve, the Chilean government’s undersecretary of the interior, warned that the storm could deplete drinking water reservoirs in some regions and shared a list of possible water management tips with them. Cuts..

In this sense, the Under-Secretary called for the responsibility of the residents of the affected areas and highlighted the usefulness of “collecting water in clean and closed containers”, but without going “to store more than is actually needed”.

At this time, Aguas Andinas – the company dedicated to the distribution of drinking water and sewage – temporarily stopped the supply in 34 municipalities of the metropolitan area of ​​Santiago de Chile.