June 13, 2024

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A polar bear kills a woman and her baby in an Alaskan town

A polar bear kills a woman and her baby in an Alaskan town

Alaska (AP).- A polar bear chased several residents of a small, isolated Alaska Native whaling town.murder A woman and her 1-year-old child According to authorities, another community member shot the bear before killing it in a “highly unusual” attack.

The Yesterday’s attack happened near Wales, an isolated coastal community in the Bering Strait Coexistence with polar bears is common in the western tip of Alaska – about 80 kilometers from Russia.

The The Alaska State Patrol identified the victim as Summer Mayomik, 24. Saint Michael and their 1-year-old son, Clyde Ongdowasruk.

Company PA Today contacted Myomick’s parents, who declined to be interviewed.

These are very sad times for St Michael and Wales.Virginia Washington, St. Michael’s city manager, said Miomik spent time in two communities.

“She’s a very sweet young lady, and she’s very responsible,” Washington said.

Like many remote Alaskan villages, This Inupiaq community of about 150 people organizes patrols when bears are expected.July to early November, before the sea ice forms and the bears hunt for seals on the frozen terrain.

This is That makes what happened this week almost unheard ofThat’s because polar bears are often far out on the ice and not near villages in the winter, said Jeff York, senior conservation director at Polar Bear International. The last fatal encounter with a polar bear occurred in 1990 in Alaska.

“He’ll be roaming around the Welsh community without any (bear) deterrents because historically it’s the safest time of year,” said Yorke, who has decades of experience studying polar bears. “You wouldn’t expect to see bears because they hunt seals on the sea ice and do their job.”

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Bad weather and a lack of runway landing lights at Wales Airport prevented patrol boats and wildlife officers from reaching Wales yesterday after the attack. New attempts were made today.

When asked to describe the atmosphere in Wales today, Dan Hendrickson, The school director described it as “shocking”. Classes were canceled for a day after the attack. “Students are with their families,” he said.. Counselors were provided to the school students.

He also said that no arrangements have been made for the funeral of the deceased. “Nothing at present,” he declared. “We’re still in the early stages.”

No It is unclear whether the attack is related to climate changeBut that’s consistent with what’s expected because the Arctic is warming four times faster than the rest of the Earth, changing the ecosystem in ways that aren’t yet fully understood, York said. However, this particular bear is a member of a population that is doing well, said Andrew Derocher. Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta and an expert on polar bears.

The Polar bears are the largest bear species, According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Males can weigh more than 770 kg, but usually weigh between 270 and 545 kg and are 3 meters long. Females weigh between 180 and 317 kilograms. Polar bears They usually feed on seals, but also feed on walruses and belugas.

Polar bears They are at the top of the food chain and see humans as a source of food. York said. Deadly encounters with polar bears often involve males who are hungry all the time, or older bears who are injured or sick and have difficulty eating enough calories, he wrote in a statement.

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Unlike brown or black bears, polar bears do not sleep.. Only pregnant females go into snow holes, and that is only to breed.

All other polar bears stay outdoors, usually on sea ice, where their prey is available year-round.


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