January 27, 2023

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When rituals attract prosperity and positive energy

Simple ceremonies to welcome the Year of the Water Rabbit and charm everyone.

This is 2023The Chinese New Year Starting Sunday, January 22. Thus, with birth New MoonWelcome you The year is 4721.

But there is more. Also marks the beginning of that date The Golden Week of the Spring Festival.

Whereas this Calendar Based on that Lunar cycles And not in the Gregorian calendar The start and end date is variable and changes every year. Hence, a new cycle is considered to have begun The first new moon of the first lunar monthIt always coincides with the period from January 21 to February 20.

Year of the Water Rabbit

The Chinese New Year Indicates annual arrival Water Rabbit Follows Nerpuli 2022. The Rabbit sign It is a symbol of longevity, peace and prosperity in Chinese culture, so it is expected 2023 will be a promising year.

The sign of the rabbit is a symbol of longevity, peace and prosperity in Chinese culture, so 2023 is expected to be a year of hope. Photo: Shutterstock

“The HarmonyStudy of daily habits, record of Global connectivity and focusing on our basic daily care,” explains Julieta Su├írez Valente (@astrologia_y_consciencia), Astrological Agenda 2023 (Ed. Fera), author of Energies of the Year.

And he adds: “The rabbit’s strength and faith are precisely placed Find the axisIn assuming moments PauseIn and within listening to the inner voice Record the state of the physical and emotional body“.

In the field of relations, year Water Rabbit It helps us to know what will be Which links stay with us and which don’t?.

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“By letting go of relationships that no longer resonate with our choices and energy, we make room for it New people common with our present ‘I'”, details the astrologer.

Rituals that attract prosperity and good energy

Compensation Act. We already know: Everything we give comes back. This ritual moves that energy. Into a red envelope we place whatever amount of money we deem appropriate. Then we wrap it in another white envelope and give it to the first person we think needs it. If we can’t find anyone who can give, we’ll keep it until we have the opportunity to actually help someone.

The coin ritual ensures prosperity throughout the year.
The coin ritual ensures prosperity throughout the year.

Currency Ritual. According to the Chinese, this ritual is intended to gather energy for storage and abundance. On this same Sunday, January 22, 2023, in the red bag (which can be made of any material), we have to put two coins. The next day, Monday the 23rd, we placed two more coins; We will do the same again on Tuesday the 24th. We let it go for a week, put the bag in a visible place, and for each day of the year, put in one more coin.

Rice Ritual. For the Chinese, this food is a true symbol of abundance. From January 22, for ten days, we put one tablespoon of rice (uncooked) in a cup daily. On the tenth day, after adding the appropriate tablespoon, we light a white candle near the well. Finally, we prepare the rice and add it to the meal.

Rice is a symbol of abundance for the Chinese.  Photo Shutterstock.
Rice is a symbol of abundance for the Chinese. Photo Shutterstock.
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Cleansing with incense. On Sunday, at any time during the day, we light sandalwood incense in every room of the house (except the bathroom) and let it burn. Once they are all extinguished, we open the windows wide and ventilate, letting out all the bad energy.

Chinese New Year: Which Color Benefits Each Sign

Every Color A specific meaning And it benefits us in certain aspects according to the energy we handle.

Thus, to induce all the good that we can attract in this Chinese New Year 2023We must use this January 22 Tone is determined by our sign of the Chinese zodiac.

Each zodiac sign has a lucky color to wear this January 22.  Photo: Shutterstock
Each zodiac sign has a lucky color to wear this January 22. Photo: Shutterstock

It is not necessary to dress completely in these colors, just an accessory or detail is enough. Also, it can be one or all of the recommended colors. And what some suggestions What we shouldn’t wear all day: Black dress.

  • Rat: Blue and Green.
  • Buffalo: Silver and white.
  • Tiger: Gray and blue.
  • Rabbit: Gold and Silver.
  • Dragon: Red, Blue, Gray and Green.
  • Snake: Yellow and Blue.
  • Horse: White, Blue and Black.
  • Goat: Grey, blue and black.
  • Monkey: Grey, Blue and Yellow.
  • Rooster: Pink, blue, white and silver.
  • Dog: Red, yellow and white.
  • Pig: pink, yellow and green.

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