September 26, 2023

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A “portal” of light appeared on Cerro Catedral de Pariloche and the image went viral

A “portal” of light appeared on Cerro Catedral de Pariloche and the image went viral

An amazing event happened Cathedral Hill From Bariloche went viral on social media. The truth is that on a full-sky day, A strange light appeared without explanation In Patagonia, everyone at the venue was taken by surprise.

Horrific accident at Cerro Catral: A chairlift operator was trapped and died

Early Saturday morning, another accident at Cerro Catedral claimed the life of a chairlift operator. He got caught in the cable and died.

The video was taken on one of the peaks Cathedral Hill And you can see one of the slopes of the ski center, forest, mountains and snow. The circle appears to be a portal to another dimension, although some users who replicated the post were encouraged to speculate about a possible UFO.

The truth is that this strange light figure confused many people and speculations started on the networks. Many users think it may be a “portal” to another dimension; Others refer to the existence of UFOs.

Instagram user @gabychavez86 managed to capture the moment and it was quickly shared. This strange phenomenon was recorded by a photographer living in Patagonia, Argentina.

However, others believe it The light from Cerro Cattral may be reflections of the sun’s rays and ice crystals called haloes.

What is a halo?

A halo is a spectacular optical effect that appears in the disk around the Sun or Moon, surrounded by a contrasting ring on its outer periphery. Although it is commonly found in Antarctica, Alaska, Greenland, northern Scandinavia, and the boreal regions of Russia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, it is also found in tropical countries such as Bolivia, Paraguay, and Argentina. , Venezuela, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Peru, Panama, Mexico and others.

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A halo can occur anywhere under the right atmospheric conditions. For example, it can be seen outside the polar regions, in areas where storms form or when the weather is adverse. Even in temperate zones, atmospheric winds containing light clouds crystallized by cooling, such as cirostratus clouds, can produce this phenomenon.

Although the light seen in Bariloche has not been confirmed as a halo, it is known that the formation of this phenomenon is caused by the refraction of light by ice particles suspended in the troposphere, creating a spectrum of colors around the Moon or Sun.

The halo is usually variegated, with shades of red on the inside and green and light blue on the outside, sometimes looking like a full rainbow.

Halos are white or pale rings. Earth’s atmosphere forms around luminous images of the Sun or Moon (and on other planets with atmospheres).

They recorded the flight of a UFO similar to the Sun and strong theories erupted: “Proof of the event”

A professional shared the flight of the UFO on his social networks, but users started a cascade of explanations about it.