September 29, 2023

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Titan tragedy: A passenger on a submarine has revealed the “terrifying” warning Oceangate gave her.

Titan tragedy: A passenger on a submarine has revealed the “terrifying” warning Oceangate gave her.

Almost a month after the tragedy of the submarine Titan, for that matter Five passengers died During a trip to that place The Titanic sank A passenger from a previous dive revealed the “terrifying” warning they were given by Oceangate before embarking on the trip.

According to The New York Times, bill price, A passenger who had done a previous dive on the submarine briefed the passengers on the possibility of an explosion in the submersible before embarking on the OceanGate cruise.

According to the passenger’s account, the company explained the dangers of drowning Take the example of a drink can crushed by a hammer. In this way, from the company they tried to demonstrate the consequences of a possible explosion of a submarine.

On the other hand, Price added that he compared the stress of the Oceangate submarine to what an elephant would have to bear on one leg while carrying the weight of 100 elephants..

Bryce also explained that his first experience on Titan required suspension. “We went through it, we experienced some bad situations, we got through it, and my thought was: ‘We can do this,'” the passenger concluded, revealing more information about the submarine. The cause of the drowning is being investigated.

Meanwhile, a company specializing in 3D engineering animations released a few days ago A step-by-step video explaining how the explosion was done.

It’s about the company aitely, which released an animation 13 days ago that recreates the moment the submarine exploded. The animated films quickly caught the attention of YouTubers Over 8.2 million views.

In a six-minute video, AiTelly recreates with animation how the submarine gradually led to the explosion; Registration begins by precisely defining this process.

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A replay of the Titan submarine explosion

“It’s a process of destruction by sliding inward on the material. Where the blast expands, the blast contracts.”As mentioned at the beginning of the video regarding the definition of explosion.

“At a depth of almost 8,000 meters, the pressure is about 2,540 kilograms per 2 square centimeter. This is almost 400 times the pressure we experience at the surface.

After the tragedy, many experts gave their version about the causes of the explosion of the Oceangate submarine, which is still under investigation.

Throughout the animation aitely He attributes the explosion to the Titan’s carbon fiber construction. “Based on existing technology Steel, Titanium and Aluminum. It was these that prevented other submarines from being crushed. Titan has an experimental design”, the video mentions.

He Titan, belonging to OceanGate Expeditios, went missing on June 18 while exploring the wreckage of the Titanic in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. After intensive search, the The wreckage found was “consistent with a catastrophic explosion of the ship,” the US Coast Guard said. It also announced that all five passengers on board had died.

Titan’s remains were discovered last Thursday and pulled from the sea 11 days after it exploded. They were 3810 meters from the surface and 488 meters from Titanic on the ocean floor, the US Coast Guard said.

With Material Remains, United States Coast Guard The “presumed human remains” were found in the same wreckage as the five people they found in the ocean-going vehicle built by OceanGate. It exploded while diving.


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