June 22, 2024

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A Russian-Ukrainian man was arrested in France: he was accused of planning a terrorist attack

A Russian-Ukrainian man was arrested in France: he was accused of planning a terrorist attack
Russian-Ukrainian man suspected of plotting terror attack arrested in France (REUTERS)

Police France He was arrested on Monday afternoon Russian-Ukrainian youthHe is from the city of Donbass Possession of explosives And the suspect is being investigated Terrorism.

Despite his age of 26, the unidentified man was staying in a hotel room in the city. Roissy-en-France, in the north of the country, where he manufactured explosive devices that are believed to be used in the upcoming attack. was about Homemade Mobile Phone BatteriesCovered in plastic, with a matchbox, bullet and A Flammable liquid.

however, One of them explodedMakes him spray his face with acetone peroxide Severe burns on his body and face.

One of the batteries found in the room (Le Parisien)

Minutes later, firefighters arrived on the scene, helped him and took him to Cones Hospital. At the same time, police in conjunction with the National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office began a search of the room, where explosives were not only found, but were found. Money, Fake passports And Weapons.

As a result, the man was placed in police custody at the headquarters of the French Secret Services (DGSI) and accused of “participating in a criminal terrorist organization” and “carrying incendiary or explosive materials or products or materials for production”. An incendiary or explosive device intended to destroy, humiliate or attack people with terrorist intent.

There are many more theories about his plans. Some researchers believe he may be a member of a terrorist group plotting attacks in the country – all pointing to him operating alone – while local media Le Journal du Dimanche He is also believed to be a Russian spy who planned to destroy French arms shipments to Ukraine, he says.

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Anyway, there is France Maximum alertLess than two months to launch Olympic GamesAt a time of great geopolitical tension, with the wars in both Gaza and Ukraine drawing hundreds of thousands of viewers from around the world.

Without further ado, the previous day, Three people were arrested in Paris After being placed, it is said Five coffins at the base of the Eiffel Tower A closed French flag And a disturbing message: “French Soldiers in the Service of Ukraine”. They are from Bulgaria, Germany and Ukraine and the motive for their actions is still unknown.

These are the five coffins that appeared at the base of the Eiffel Tower with a disturbing message

Also, last Friday, the Secret Service A 18 years old Chechen A planner Attack by jihadists During an Olympic football event at the city stadium of Saint Étienne. According to reports, the audience at Geoffrey Guichard attacked the security agents and finally, his intention was to die on the spot.

All of these actions come at a time when Emmanuel Macron has stepped up his criticism of Vladimir Putin, stepped up his aid to Kiev, and allowed his weapons to be used on enemy soil under the defense of legitimate self-defense. Likewise, the president recently favored sending troops to Ukraine to train soldiers, which the Kremlin called “dangerous.”

(With information from EFE and Reuters)