May 30, 2023

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A strange creature with teeth appears on the beach of Texas and scares everyone: “The alien remains”

On April 13, a strange creature appeared on the beach A beach on the Bolivar Peninsula in the state of Texas. The discovery intrigued the virtual community after a person posted the photo on a Facebook group. Before the debate, local experts pronounced themselves Try to identify the species.

The discovery occurred on the shore of a beach located 43 kilometers northeast of Galveston, Texas. Patricia Ducote, who created the post in a group Facebook Dubbed the “Bolivar Beachcombers,” he asked community members if they could help him. “My friend saw this today, does anyone know what it could be?” He said in explanation.

A symmetrical gray mass in the shape of a donut was the protagonist of the film that accompanied his release. On the outside of the body it looked like ruffles Sharp molars at each end.

Experts believe that this creature is a stuffed fishPatricia Ducote/Facebook

Some tried to guess what it was and described it: “I don’t know what it is, but I can guarantee my dog ​​rolls in it”; “This is why I don’t get in the water at the beach”; “It’s something only seen in dreams”; “Alien left”, they left him at his post.

In a statement to a local newspaper Houston ChronicleLerin Johnson, a member of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), revealed. A fish’s gill may be curved Maybe someone Grab it, fill it, forget it right there. In an attempt to clarify the creature’s shape and folds, Johnson added: “The feathered parts are gills, which are attached to bony gill arches. The sharp points in the upper center are the throat teeth.”.

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The expert could not say for sure which species it was, but said it was most likely a large game fish. Mark Fisher, chief science officer for coastal fisheries, agreed with Johnson’s theory, confirming the information to the network. KSAT 12.

In recent weeks, little-known creatures have made some appearances It sparked debates on social media. In January, for example, a bath detected Another lifeless fish he couldn’t identify in the same Texas harbor. It later turned out to be a snapper eel.

Another similar discovery occurred in California. As reported by local media Hundreds of “blue and gelatinous” creatures appeared At various beaches throughout the southern part of the state. Experts explained that they were specimens of velella velella, also known as wind sailors or sailboat jellyfish. These ended up there because of the season and experts advised visitors not to touch them.

Hundreds of Sea Jellyfish (Vella velella)Direct science

Fish finds aren’t exclusive to America, in the United Kingdom, a 72-year-old woman was discovered in Littlehampton. West SussexA rare species of finless ray fish, in their view, He looked like an “alien”..