June 2, 2023

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India: Ex-legislator shot nine times live, post-mortem reveals murder | Atiq Ahmed and his brother were shot dead while giving a statement to television reporters

death Former Member of Parliament of India Atiq Ahmed caused by Nine scenesOne of them in the head, received last Saturday in the North while declaring in front of cameras and journalists. IndiaAn autopsy revealed.

Forensic experts found at least nine gunshot wounds on Adiq Ahmed’s body Another five on the body of his brother Ashraf AhmedIndian news channel NDTV revealed on Monday that he was killed in the same incident.

The post-mortem assessment was performed by five doctors and videotaped to guarantee the results of a case report considered high-profile.

Atiq Ahmed and his brother were killed in front of cameras and journalists during a press conference in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh last Saturday when they went to a health center for a medical check-up guarded by police.

Despite being in police custody, The three assailants managed to get close to the Ahmad brothers, posing as journalists, and opened fire, not stopping for several seconds.

According to a police report, those responsible for the attack, who were detained by the authorities after the incident, confessed that they had committed the crime to gain fame during the investigation.

Although the former politician, who has faced hundreds of trials, was in jail in the country’s western state of Gujarat, he was recently transferred to Prayagraj in northern Uttar Pradesh to attend a trial. Offenders against you.

Earlier, in reports to regional media, the former politician had condemned the alleged plot to assassinate him in a simulated confrontation. “Thank you that I am safe,” he once told reporters in one of his statements, according to some local newspapers.

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Four days ago, former politician Azad’s 19-year-old son, who was accused of murder along with his father, was killed in an encounter by Uttar Pradesh security forces.

Deputy Leader of Opposition Kapil Sibal on Monday questioned why the police officers took Atiq Ahmed for medical examination at 10 pm. Wasn’t it a medical emergency and why was the media on the scene?

Atiq Ahmed’s criminal record also includes an investigation into the 2005 killing of a member of parliament.

The former politician rose to prominence in the 1990s when he embarked on a political career that led him to win a seat in the lower house, or Lok Sabha, of the Indian Parliament for the socialist organization Samajwadi Party.