May 30, 2023

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A surprise union strike prevents Fragata Libertad from returning to Buenos Aires

Fragata Libertad is scheduled to arrive in Buenos Aires this Saturday at 9 p.m

The United Maritime Workers Union (SOMU) announced yesterday through a statement published on its social networks that it is preventing the return of a strike. Brig ARA “Libertad” to the port of Buenos Aires. The flagship of the armed forces was scheduled to arrive at 9 am today.

Armed Forces sources confirmed Infobay The arrival of the frigate Libertad was delayed by union action adopted by port unions, which prevented trailers from boarding the school ship.

“We’re waiting to be able to determine when unemployment will kick in.”They told this medium.

This condition affects both 325 employees ship and their own relatives, who They traveled from different parts of the country to receive them after spending four months at sea. However, it seems that the meeting will also be postponed.

According to Argentine Navy reports, the ARA frigate “Libertad” will arrive at Buenos Aires Naval Station this Saturday after completing its 50th instructional cruise. However, hours after the ship’s arrival, the extent of the force promoted by the SOMU became known based on the stalemate in salary negotiations maintained by its leaders to improve the income of tugboats working in the ports. In a statement released, the union announced the strike at the request of the unions, “after extensive negotiations and in the face of the instability of the business sector. Salary Revision of Port Traction Department”.

For this reason, it was decided to order “a complete cessation of operations on ships constituting the whole of Fena and CNA as of 8:00 p.m. on the date of the date.” Also, they warned “This action will be maintained till official notification from the Union Department.”

SOMU statement on suspension of operations (Twitter)
SOMU statement on suspension of operations (Twitter)

As he was able to find out InfobayThe strike is being driven by four port unions At least two wanted to make an exception with the frigate Libertad So he can build according to the condition. But the request was rejected and force action is firm.

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After announcing the strike, the union detailed in a table how harbor tugs, tankers and tugboats would have to modify their normal operations during the wage strike.

After contacting the union, The intervention of the Ministry of Labor is expected to prevent conflict. Still pending is the possibility of an agreement being reached where the frigate Libertad will arrive in Puerto Madero as planned, and finally reunification between the crew and their families takes place.

The naval training ship is due to arrive at Buenos Aires Naval Station with a crew of 57 women, plus 28 officers, 92 commissioned midshipmen and 191 non-commissioned officers.

The Argentine Navy said in a statement that the ship will arrive after completing professional training for commissioned midshipmen. In this way, members were trained to “increase their maritime knowledge and develop their training and leadership skills in a teamwork culture.”

ARA Libertad cruised 22,038 nautical miles.  (Ministry of National Defence)
ARA Libertad cruised 22,038 nautical miles. (Ministry of National Defence)

Midshipman in commission Daniela Plaza explained Marine Gazette -Armed Forces Portal controlled by Ministry of Defence- It was an “incredible journey, great professional development. We boarded as cadets and almost disembarked as officers.

“All that we experienced during the voyage, in port and on board the ship, helped us to really know what life is like at sea, how they function in the ranks, the various tasks and duties that an officer has to undertake”, said the Indian. land.

In fact, “there was professional development, one begins to understand the reason for each thing, where we use a discipline, look for information especially if we need something, in particular, we connect important leadership tools to guide. Employees.”

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Over five months, Frigate Libertad traveled 22,038 nautical miles, which is the equivalent of circumnavigating the world around Fort Ecuador. He sailed 113 ships and made 35 stops in ports of eleven cities in America and Europe: Fortaleza (Brazil), Castries (St. Lucia), Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Havana (Cuba), Veracruz (Mexico), Baltimore (North America) USA ), Dublin (Ireland), Saint Malo (France), Toulon (France), Cadiz (Spain) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

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