March 28, 2023

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Strange Case of Seal Appears in Massachusetts Pond, Then “Surrenders” to Police

That’s how Mudra’s arrival was captured at Beverly Police Station

A gray seal wandering in a pond Massachusetts and “surrendered” on Friday after approaching the local police station and eluding authorities’ efforts to nab her.

The gray seal first appeared earlier this month at Shoe Pond in Beverly, northeast of Boston. The animal is believed to have reached the pond from the sea via the river and drainage pipes.

A seal was swimming in the shoe pond

The stamp quickly became a local attraction and was named after him “Schubert” By his chosen pond.

Firefighters and wildlife experts tried to catch the elusive animal on Thursday using boats and giant nets, but gave up after several hours. however, Early Friday morning, Schubert emerged from the pool, crossed a parking lot, and appeared at the side door of the local police station. Seeking “some assistance,” according to the police report.

"Schubert" He presented himself at the police station on Friday morning.
“Schubert” showed up at the police station early Friday morning

The seal was quickly surrounded by a team of wildlife experts, firefighters and the police department’s “full midnight shift,” according to a Beverly Police Department Facebook post.

“Schubert seemed to be inside Health And he was a bit cheeky early in the morning,” the department noted.

The seal was quickly rescued by local authorities
The seal was quickly rescued by local authorities

The stamp was carried Mystic Aquarium In Mystic, Connecticut, aquarium staff will perform a medical exam before releasing it back into the wild, Sarah Callan, manager of the aquarium’s animal recovery program, wrote in an email.

“He behaves A typical 4 year old gray sealCallan added. “We plan to release it in a quiet and remote location near other seals.”

Wildlife experts will rescue the seal and examine it before releasing it back into the wild.

(With information from AP)

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