October 6, 2022

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A third fuel tank caught fire in a fire that had already been raging for more than 30 hours in Cuba

A third fuel tank caught fire in a fire that has already been burning for more than 24 hours in Cuba

A third fuel tank was engulfed in flames, a massive fire Uses an industrial area in the Matanzas area on the island of Cuba.

A fire that has already been lit for more than 30 hours, It started due to a lightning strike in one of the eight oil tanks in the complex.

The Cuban government confirmed One died, 16 were missing and 121 patients were hospitalized. Of the injured, 5 are critical, 3 critical and 28 are undergoing treatment. So far, according to the dictatorship, 1,300 self-evacuees and 600 evacuees are in work centres.

Emergency services are continuing to identify the deceased.

The fire continues to spread in the Matanzas area

Cuba’s dictator, Miguel Díaz-Canel, and his prime minister, Manuel Marrero, traveled to Madanzas at dawn to closely follow the evolution of the event and visited the wounded at the nearby Faustino Pérez provincial hospital.

The incident comes just three months after the bomb blast at the Saratoga Hotel in Havana that killed 47 people..

International assistance

Given the magnitude of the incident, the Cuban regime requested international assistance and advice with experience in oil matters.

The Cuban government released drone footage of the fire in Madanzas

Díaz-Canel thanked countries like Mexico, Venezuela, Russia, Nicaragua, Argentina and Chile, “who provided immediate tangible material assistance in the face of this critical situation.” “We appreciate the US technical advice,” he added.

Earlier, Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Carlos Fernandez de Gocio confirmed on Twitter that the country’s aid will be coordinated with the United States.

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The US government “provided technical advice, and a proposal for formal integration is already in the hands of experts,” he said.

Firefighters battled the blaze throughout the day on Saturday.
Firefighters battled the blaze throughout the day on Saturday.

The US embassy in Cuba said it was “in contact with Cuba regarding the incident in Matanzas”. “In the meantime, we want to make clear that U.S. law authorizes U.S. companies and organizations to provide disaster relief and response in Cuba.”

Venezuelan regime 35 special firefighters and technicians from the state oil company were sent to the island this Saturday night PDVSAAn additional 20 tons of materials to support firefighting.

For his part, the Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador This Saturday afternoon the employees of Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex), Secretary of National Defense (Sedan) and Secretary of the Navy (Semar) Went to Cuba to help put out great fires In Matanzas oil installations.

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