July 21, 2024

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A traffic inspector and two police officers were charged but were released for the incident along with a driver in the 900m.

A traffic inspector and two police officers were charged but were released for the incident along with a driver in the 900m.

Two agents of a motorized police station and a municipal traffic inspector Charged Due to the incident against the delivery man on Mitter Street at 900 this Wednesday afternoon and the ensuing aggression.

Police Officers (as ITV Sub-Inspector and LIR Officer) “Illegal restrictions And the “lie of a public instrument”, while the “ideological lie of the public instrument” for the aforementioned action of the traffic inspector.

The judge of the first instance, Florentino Malaponte, accepted the agreed trial and ordered the release of the three defendants with precautionary measures and rules of conduct: a) monthly signature, b) prohibition on access, c) prohibition on leaving the country; For the duration of the Act (two years).

The incident, which caused great controversy at the time, took place on December 14 last year at 900 in the Miter area when a person badly parked his utility vehicle and the traffic inspector wrote off the irregular record.

There was an argument between the offender and the inspector, in which there was no aggression, the latter called the police and two motor agents arrived quickly.

Everything indicated that the presence of uniformed people was going to calm things down, but far from that, the situation was out of control. A policeman overheard the driver of the utility vehicle behind him and grabbed the victim by the neck, along with a second officer who began to attack him. They took him to the fence of a jewelry store in the area, where you can see in the video that they stabbed him, while people walking around the place came to the driver’s safety.

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The accused inspector “inserted false reports into the inspection record with presumed action against the investigator, causing prejudice to the victim.”

Illegal pressure by two police officers against one person

It was also alleged that the police officers had given false reports regarding the incidents and the activities of the victim. This can cause damage to the victim and also affect the reliability of the aforementioned general tools.

“They are two different facts, aside from the traffic offense committed by the victim of that act, the fine has already been paid, and what is generated by the actions of the traffic inspector and the police personnel,” he argued. Attorney. Gonzalo Fernandez Bassi Following the indictment this Wednesday.

On the one hand, the inspector, when interviewed, confirms what is in the practical record, as he has been accused of “ideological lying” for adding “incorrect data” to the irregular record.

In the video, you can see that “he did not want to run or throw the car at the inspector at any time,” even though the driver of the utility vehicle was parked in a restricted area, according to the attorney’s account. What was observed in the pictures did not match what the inspector had said.

Attorney Fernandez Pussy reports on the investigation into ideological lies and illegal coercion

Meanwhile, police officers who responded to the call did not stop the victim, but “illegally pressured and assaulted the victim more.”

From the police arrival, “not even for a minute did they stand behind and take a shot at the victim’s neck. They started beating him and threw him against the fence of a jewelry store,” the prosecutor insisted.

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And, immediately after, he added: “When they had already learned it, they kept punching him in the left eye. When they were in control of the situation everywhere, the staff acted.”

While the investigation was going on inside the Criminal Justice Center, all the traffic inspectors outside supported their partner.