December 7, 2023

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Aaron Rodgers, if doctors clear him to travel, will be in attendance at the Chiefs-Jets game Sunday night

Aaron Rodgers, if doctors clear him to travel, will be in attendance at the Chiefs-Jets game Sunday night

Yes, there might be a famous person in the house on Sunday night.

not her. for him.

no for himAs in Patrick Mahomes. The other for him.

The other is as in Aaron Rodgers. The Jets’ injured quarterback dropped a very strong hint about that possibility earlier this week, in an appearance with Pat McAfee. Now,’s Rich Cimini adds that there’s definitely something to it.

According to Cimini, it depends on Rodgers They are cleared by doctors to flyGiven that he underwent surgery to repair a torn Achilles tendon just two weeks ago. If he gets that permit, he’ll make a cross-country trip for the game.

Can’t hurt planes. Rodgers remains the most powerful and influential figure in the organization. He looms over everything, especially since he floated the idea of ​​playing again this season.

Whether he meant it or not, that offhand remark made it difficult for the Jets to make a big move at quarterback. If they were to trade someone like Kirk Cousins ​​(which certainly won’t happen), what would happen if Cousins ​​led them to the playoffs and Rodgers wanted to play?

On the other side of the intense desire to ensure Rodgers stays happy enough with the Jets to play for them in 2024 (and perhaps 2025, now that his intended passing of the baton to Zach Wilson likely won’t be a thing) is the fire that continues to plague the organization. Fans, whether unwilling or unable to process the fact that losing Rodgers makes them no longer Super Bowl contenders, want something/anything other than what they have at quarterback.

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Maybe that would be Trevor Siemian. Maybe it will be someone else. Right now, the Jets are just trying to survive, one game at a time.

Having Rodgers around can help. He can talk directly to his teammates. They will listen to him. They are still in awe of him. Getting him back into the building could be a key step in getting things back on track — especially if he can help Wilson block out the noise and focus on the task that needs to be done.