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According to researchers, the world’s healthiest breakfast contains no fruit, milk or eggs

According to researchers, the world’s healthiest breakfast contains no fruit, milk or eggs
Residents of the Nicoya Cooperative prepare a breakfast of nixtamal tortillas, black beans, and rice, which, according to studies, contributes to a longer and healthier life. (Illustration Image Infobae)

No eggs, no orange juice. Longevity Researcher, Dan ButnerDedicated to Two decades to analyze Feeding habits Centenarians are seen Nicoya, Costa RicaWhat can be considered World’s Healthiest Breakfast. He narrated his experience thus CNBC.

In this Costa Rican regionResidents Nicoya Cooperative They prepare an inclusive breakfast Nixtamal Tortillas, Black beans And Rice This, according to studies, can contribute Long and healthy life. The Nixtamal Tortillas are made from Corn kernels Cooked and soaked in a solution Lime and waterA process called nixtamalization. This technique improves Nutrition and digestion From corn, niacin releases and Essential amino acids and helps grind corn into flour.

This dish is filling Complex carbohydrates Low glycemic index, essential amino acids and antioxidants, it is accompanied by coffee SileroA Local sauce Promotes vinegar, carrots and hot peppers Digestive and Metabolic Health Because it provides properties Probiotics, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

With a low glycemic index, nixtamalized tortillas are rich in essential amino acids. (Archive)

Residents of Nicoya begin their day 4:00 amsaid CNBC Budner, treated with corn tortillas Wood ash It aids in the absorption of niacin and essential amino acids, and black beans, which are rich in anthocyanins and folates, are combined with rice for a Complete protein. At a cost of approx $4.23This breakfast proves as much Healthy and accessible For the majority of people Nicoya.

This breakfast highlights The genius of Costa Rican cuisine Incorporating simple ingredients into daily meals can be very beneficial for health. Nicoyan cooks recommend preparing in large quantities Bean soup This food should be consumed during the week, following the tradition of adding it to different meals of the day.

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Manufacturing process nixtamalized tortillas Follow one Traditional technique It involves the use of masa flour and wood ash, which guarantees a significant contribution Fiber, folates and vitamins B and C. The dough is formed into balls and cooked on a hot griddle; Proper technique allows the tortillas to keep for a day and reheat before serving.

Nicoyan Black Bean Soup: Antioxidants for less than a dollar. This traditional Nikkoen stew provides residents with high levels of antioxidants and nutrients at an affordable price. (Getty Images)

On the other hand, the Spotted Rooster of Jose GuevaraA Costa Rican Century“The last time I met Jose Guevara was in Costa Rica 2015When I was 105 years”, said the analyst. Its recipe includes black beans, long-grain rice, onions and garlic, cooked with Worcestershire sauce, and garnished with butter and cilantro. “Many Costa Ricans eat it Breakfast, lunch and dinner”, he promised.

A Black Bean StewPotatoes and onions, seasoning Guava Coriander Other vegetables, another Basic food In almost every Nicoyan dish. These beans are high in quantity AnthocyaninsRed onions and blueberries contain important flavonoids 10 times more antioxidant than an equal portion of oranges.

This stew is enjoyed as staple food With corn tortillas or rice Less than a dollar per servingProves how Nicoya cuisine Manages to create rich food Taste and nutritionAn accessible and integral part of you A diet focused on longevity.