December 8, 2023

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According to the specialized dating site, infidelities increase in the spring

According to the specialized dating site, infidelities increase in the spring
In spring, more people choose to cheat. (Freepik)

Accordingly Second loveThe dating site specializes in finding third parties outside of a romantic relationship or vice versa LoversSpring is the time of year when most infidelities occur. This is because the platform is experiencing growth twenty% in the number of its users throughout Latin America.

Flower season creates an increase in the connection of existing users, who are a 35% Too much time online Social website than later in the year. In turn, A 62% Among them they agree that there is more online romantic activity in the spring than in other years.

These are mostly married or older people who are in a relationship 30 yearsProfessionals and with kids, people who don’t usually go to bars or night entertainment spots and find them on internet sites. Extramarital dating A place where you can meet new people connected to your interests near your home, office or gym.

They are reserved individuals that they especially respect Confidentiality And they have no intention of breaking away from their partners, but instead seek to make up for what they don’t provide.

Those who enter these sites are characterized by being reserved and keeping a low profile. (Illustration Image Infobae)

However, there are Scientific explanations Those who try to justify this behavior. In the spring sexual relations This season favors the secretion of pheromones, oxytocin, dopamine and norepinephrine, many hormones that participate in sexual attraction and positively affect our mood, giving us vitality.

It is also true that there is an opportunity to play sports fresh air It helps to keep the level of sex hormones in order and so does the environment: visual stimuli and suggestive gestures abound. In addition, good weather improves mood and predisposes one to social, emotional and sexual relationships.

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Mathias LamouretSpokesperson Second love Explains the reasons for Latin America: “With the change of season, there is a change not only in singles, but also in practices. Nice weather and mild afternoons invite many to return to outdoor plans put on hold during the winter, and even more: this time of year calls for more outings after work and meetings with friends, and often this impulse leads. to seek other kinds of adventure.”

Nowadays, many apps are used to find a lover. (Illustration Image Infobae)

Second love is an expanding dating app, already present worldwide, especially in relevant markets such as Holland, Belgium, Spain and Portugal, and in the United States: Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil and the United States.

The Offer Apps specializing in these types of romantic relationships have expanded in recent years. Apart from Second Love, there are many such sites. For example, Gleeton It was created by women, therefore, this public has free access, while men have to choose and pay for different subscription levels.

Even when asked to upload photos, only users who have permission from the other person can see them. In addition, it has an area for chatting with many people or private chat. It has 4 million users in the world and Latin America is the main one.

Likewise, there are special applications for polyamorous relationships Okay Cupid, an app that focuses on open relationships or creating multiple sexual encounters. Profiles usually contain a lot of information so that people are clear about what they want.

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Additionally, users can identify as trans, intersex, gender fluid, bisexual, and more. It offers the opportunity to discover all kinds of relationships, even for those who have been betrayed.