December 1, 2023

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A former employee of German Martidegui was arrested for stealing half a million dollars and flying to Uruguay on a private plane.

A former employee of German Martidegui was arrested for stealing half a million dollars and flying to Uruguay on a private plane.
Chef German Martidegui (Nicolas Stuhlbarg)

German martideguiOne of the stars MasterchefA money theft victim Last April at his home in the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires. The fact was discovered and reported to the judge by Martidegui after returning from a trip in the middle of that month with the file in charge of prosecutor Gaston Corpus. There was a stolen amount half a million dollars, As confirmed by the case evidence Infobay.

A few days ago, the San Isidro DTI of the Buenos Aires Police Lydia arrested her former housekeeper, identified as Isidra Figueredo, 41 years old, originally from Paraguay, lives in General Rodríguez and is registered with the domestic employee regime until January of this year. However, after extending her interrogation report, the woman was released.

According to the reconstruction by Justice, Martitegui took a trip to the United States From 13th to 17th April. On his return he noticed a defect that had not been present for a few days 500 thousand dollars In his defense. The chef did not immediately complain, but instead tried to conduct an inquiry among his staff. Since the safe was not forced open, the thief used the key. “There are many to help him, but the curious thing is that if he is not at home, neither are the servants, so the thief enters the house without Martideguin’s permission.” explains one researcher.

Despite having many employees, the famous chef began to suspect the employee who took care of his children. The thing is, girl, from one day to the next, He stopped working and never sought the money, much less than the stolen amount Martidegui owed him..

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Consequently, the jury Masterchef He filed a complaint with the Corbus prosecutor’s office, and an investigation began. A remarkable feature of Justice is that none of its employees know where the key to security is The victim was hiding among her clothes in her dressing room.

Former employee of German Martideguin after arrest

The first thing the prosecution did was identify the woman. In those months, Figueredo began Build a house in General Rodriguez. Also, two days after Martidegui returned from America, Figueredo’s husband was a Express travel to Paraguay. A third piece of information that did not convince the prosecution corps was that the woman went to Uruguay, not by bus or plane, but by private plane.

With this data collected, a series of crossover calls, currently with partial results, Corpus demanded the search and arrest of Figueredo. The bail judge in the case verified both the circumstances and the woman was arrested in the last hour.

“At first he refused to testify, but yesterday afternoon, he asked for an extension and explained some things. For example, he traveled on a private plane with a family he worked with.. We were able to confirm that it was true. He also explained that he stopped working and did not return to look for what he needed because he had already started working elsewhere and did not have the time,” the judicial source explained.

Figueredo still has no explanation for his construction House in Rodriguezabove their economic means, and Her husband’s journey to Paraguay.

After the announcement, Figredo is published. The qualification against him is aggravated robbery, an exculpable offence. However, it continues to be investigated. Over the next few hours, Justice will get a complete report on the chain of calls. This would be important information to know the activity of the accused’s cell phone on the days when the robbery is believed to have taken place.

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