February 29, 2024

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After declaring a state of emergency, the Peruvian government is considering imposing a curfew They are seeking the Home Minister’s intervention in the crackdown

After declaring a state of emergency, the Peruvian government is considering imposing a curfew  They are seeking the Home Minister’s intervention in the crackdown

The Peruvian government announced Wednesday Nationwide state of emergency For thirty days, he assesses the possibility of establishing a curfew. The left-wing Pancada Peru Libre was supported by other coalitions Intervention by Home Minister, Juntos por el Perú –from left– demanded Motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister.

Following this, the government issued this measure Demonstrations and riots in recent days Seven people have been killed and more than a hundred police officers have been injured in protests in various parts of the country.

The Defense Minister spoke to the media from the courtyard of the Government House Alberto Otterola said “The declaration of a state of emergency has been approved across the country, as acts of vandalism and violence have taken over highways and roads, which are already controlled and secured by the national police and armed forces. ; A strong response and authority from the government is required“.

Minister Otalora explained that it will be officially published in a special edition of the Official Gazette in a few hours A Peruvian man, It is a mandated norm State of National Emergency Thirty days, which means that Peru’s National Police maintains control of internal order with the support of the armed forces. “I want to remember what the declaration of national emergency means The rights of assembly include suspension, freedom of residence, freedom of movement and freedom of assembly“, Otárola pointed out. He also pointed out that the move is “motivated” so that citizens can have security and certainty. We control the internal order Then we are going to ensure free movement and peace for all citizens”, he added, adding that protecting strategic infrastructure is essential to ensure the well-being and peace of citizens. A curfew is likely to be issued But they need to define the legal framework of the standard.

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The protests in recent days, especially in the southern part of the country, beckon Convocation of a Constituent Assembly, the progress of elections, the closure of Congress, the resignation of President Tina Polwart, and the release of former President Pedro Castillo.He was detained for seven days after the failed suicide attempt.

This Monday, protesters stormed the airport and a dairy in Arequipa, the country’s second city. This Tuesday they took over a gas plant in the department of Cuzco and there were numerous roadblocks, looting of businesses or fires in public institutions in different parts of the country.

Motion for Intercept against Home Minister

Spokesperson for the Peru Libre Caucus, Flavio CruzWith the support of Perú Democratico, Peru Bicentenario and non-member parliamentarians Motion for Interdict against Interior Minister Cesar Cervantes, due For actions taken by the National Police of Peru in connection with the protests. Cervantes attempts to answer a list of questions if he considers himself responsible for the “bloody oppression” and deaths. If you plan to resign from your position.

A motion of no confidence in the new Prime Minister

Peruvian Congress Women Sigrid Basan and Ruth LukFrom the left-wing group Juntos por el Peru, it was presented to parliament this Tuesday The motion seeks to censure the recent prime minister, Pedro AnguloFor “proportionate repression” by the police in protests.

In a motion shared by Luk and Bhazan on Twitter, the actions taken by the government “did not in any way contribute to the resolution of the conflict, rather, His statements and especially the actions followed by his cabinet are dangerous for the restoration of peace and social order.Angulo was named prime minister three days ago in the government led by President Tina Poluarte, who replaced former President Castillo last Wednesday.