February 26, 2024

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After his release by the United States, Nicolás Maduro welcomes Alex Chap at the Miraflores Palace

After his release by the United States, Nicolás Maduro welcomes Alex Chap at the Miraflores Palace

Nicolás Maduro’s regime exchanged some 36 political prisoners for the release of Alex Chapp, who was being held by the US justice system. Two years. For various posts in America and Appoints him Governor of Essequibo.

Alleged predecessor He was received at Maiquetía Airport in Caracas by the First Lady, Cilia Flores, the President of the Chavista National Assembly, Jorge Flores, his wife Camila Fabri and their children.

Alex Sapp was extradited from Cape Verde in 2021 and brought to the United States for trial. According to Marshall Billingsley, former director of the US Treasury Department, Maduro’s front man was sanctioned. Accused in several criminal casesThe arrests and extraditions followed a years-long investigation by the Treasury Department, multiple law enforcement agencies and several countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia.

“The joint effort was to disrupt his extensive money laundering network, which included wholesale theft from the Food Program Feeding Malnourished Venezuelans (CLAP). He smuggled looted gold from Orinoco’s environmental open pit mines.”

Marshall claims in his X account that he was in the middle of deals with Iran, the world’s main sponsor of terrorism, when he was arrested. “Alex Sapp is one of the worst “Venezuelan regime’s most corrupt names”

“Worse still, that “Slap in the Stomach” to Venezuelan Resistance. “We are supposed to be his friends, but we have freed one of the worst police thieves,” Marshall says.

Prisoner exchange

The exchange of prisoners, which is part of the Chavista policy, gradually became known on social networks, as the Venezuelan government maintains total secrecy on the issue.

There are approximately 300 political prisoners in Venezuela, of whom only 36 have benefited from the current measure. including 12 AmericansIt is part of the Barbados Accord signed between the Venezuelan opposition and the government last October.

Nicolás Maduro and Alex Sapp. Photo by AFP

20 of the 36 beneficiaries have been in prison for a long time after 24 years from the regime, 4 of them were recently arrested, namely 3 members working in the group of María Corina Machado, who were recently detained. One week, including Roberto Abdul, the director of Súmate, was linked to the technical behavior of the opposition primaries.

Human Rights Defense Lawyer, Ana Leonor Acosta The number published so far is 13. 1 from INOF Women’s Prison, 1 from Rodeo Prison, 6 trade unionists from La Jaguara and 5 inmates from Yare Prison. A total of 13 have been released, so far.

Former opposition primary candidate Delza Solorzano and human rights lawyer “In Venezuela There are 300 political prisoners, all deserve to be freed. Subjecting them and their families to the agony of not knowing if it is their turn to leave the prison this time is another form of torture. Stop! The “deal” was supposed to free them all.

At the command of María Corina Machado, they will wait for the release of three members of her group: Henry Alviarez, Claudia Mazera and Pedro Uruchurtu. The eligibility of the candidate will also be part of the Barbados negotiations, but there is no confirmation on this matter.

Roberto Denis is an investigative journalist for Armando Portal. information, “At least 8,000 to 10,000 million dollars would have been handled by Saab.. It deals with uncontrolled handling of unbuilt houses, rotten food and gold/oil. “That sum is more than three times what the UN is asking for to help with the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela designed.”

“It’s a priority for us and more broadly when it comes to Venezuela we want to make sure we free Americans and secure the release of political prisoners. We have a lot of work to do on those fronts right now and we hope to have some good news today, but that’s all I can share for now,” the secretary said. Anthony Blinken told a press conference on the release of Americans by the Maduro regime.