February 22, 2024

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Another shooting on US Independence Day | At least six people died and 24 were injured in the march near Chicago

Another shooting on US Independence Day |  At least six people died and 24 were injured in the march near Chicago

At least six people were killed and 24 injured when a man opened fire at a US Independence Day parade in a city near Chicago., again rocking a nation divided over gun carry. The shooting happened in the Highland Park suburb north of Chicago, Illinois, one of five states where the free carrying of firearms in public is prohibited. President Joe Biden Both he and his wife said Jill they “Shocked by senseless gun violence It’s once again inflicted pain on an American society.” Biden signed last month The gun violence bill passed by Congress in decadesAlthough the debates are not resolved.

The shooter is still at large

Highland Park Township Police Chief Chris O’Neill said at the press conference The shooter is a white male between the ages of 18 and 20 and wore long black hair, a white or light blue shirt He is still running. Deputy Commissioner and spokesman for the local police, Christopher Coveley, said his role was suspect. The marchers were reportedly fired upon from the roof of the building It was already discovered. Covelli added that police believe he acted alone, that he is considered “armed and dangerous” and that he is being actively sought.

Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering said six people were killed and 24 others were taken to the hospital, though she would not confirm all had gunshot wounds. After Governor of Illinois, Democrat JP PritzkerThe statement said: “There are no words to shoot the type of monster that walks into a crowd of families with children celebrating the holidays with their community.”.

The traditional procession started at midnight, but was abruptly halted ten minutes later when gunshots rang out. A witness, identified only as Michael, told WGN that he saw it A sniper armed with a rifle “progresses crouching in a formal, almost military manner.”. The sightings spread panic on the streets of this city on the shores of Lake Michigan, where hundreds of people had gathered for Independence Day celebrations.

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“Daddy, something’s wrong”

Abandoned chairs and other belongings could be seen strewn along the parade route as spectators frantically ran. “Everybody thought it was fireworks”A parade participant who identified himself Joe. “My dad thought it was part of the show, and I was like, ‘Dad, no…something’s wrong.’ I caught it. I watched it again, and Then it was a sea of ​​panic, people fallingAs they ran, he said, “So A few meters behind her she saw “a woman shot dead… I saw her die”.

Jack maid, another citizen barricaded himself in the New Balance shoe store where he works, about 30 meters from where he believes the shooting happened, for two hours. He was stocking shelves in the back when he heard at least 20 shots. “It’s one of the safest communities,” the 27-year-old marveled: “It’s crazy to see you come to work like this.”.

Video from the scene shows chaos in the quiet suburb of North Shore. As the parents sat on the pavement enjoying the band, suddenly the musicians started running for their lives. Families ran down the parade route, leaving behind hundreds of empty lawn chairs, strollers, drinks and balloons.

Biden and another “senseless” shooting

President Joe Biden said he was “shocked.” The United States is facing a new “ignorant” mass shooting. Biden vowed to keep fighting “The Epidemic of Gun Violence” in the country, and at the end of this article he said he ordered the Central Security Forces to go to Highland Park to search for the absconding suspect.

“Jill (Biden) and I are appalled by the senseless gun violence that has brought back pain to an American community this Independence Day,” Biden said in a statement. The President encouraged Highland Park residents to continue to follow the advice of the authorities and promised to keep abreast of how the situation is developing, especially with regard to the injured who need to be transferred to hospital.

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Biden defended A package of measures against gun violence It was recently passed in the Senate Despite the traditional division on gun control issues between Democrats and Republicans, with support from conservative and progressive legislators. However, the president acknowledged that “there is still much to be done.”

The minimum agreement includes a review of the process for purchasing weapons for under-21s and the extension of “danger warning” (“red flag”) laws to the entire country, allowing a legal process to be implemented. Confiscate firearms of those who pose a danger to third parties or themselves.

The debate over gun violence has recently resurfaced in the United States School shooting in Uvalde, Texas19 children and two teachers died at the hands of an 18-year-old armed with a legally purchased semi-automatic rifle a month earlier.