February 26, 2024

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After nightly bombings against Hezbollah, the IDF is escalating the fight with Hamas in southern Gaza.

After nightly bombings against Hezbollah, the IDF is escalating the fight with Hamas in southern Gaza.
The IDF is concentrating its fight with Hamas in southern Gaza after nightly bombings against Hezbollah (EUROPA PRESS).

Israeli troops And Hamas fighters They continued this Friday A serious fight In major cities LoopEspecially in the south, it has expanded Israeli ground action After more than two months of war.

After one The first phase of a focused attack in the north LoopHe Israeli army It expanded its operations to the south, where nearly two million displaced citizens took refuge, trapped in increasingly slim territory.

Israeli soldiers fought against Islamic militants Inside Khan YounisThe The most important city in the south of BarBut in the north, in Gaza City and in the neighboring field Jabaliya.

Balance Israeli attack As of Thursday, 17,177 people had died, 70% of them women and children under the age of 18. Hamas Ministry of Health It controls this territory.

In a call with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin NetanyahuHe President of the United States, Joe Biden“The absolute necessity was emphasized To protect the public and differentiate the public Hamas“, said White House.

After the first phase of the offensive centered on northern Gaza, the Israeli army expanded its operations to the south (EUROPA PRESS)

The North American country has strongly supported it Israel After October 7 bloody attack of HamasBut he cares more about himself Balance of civilian casualties Inside Loop.

Israel He promised to destroy Islamic movementConsidered a terrorist by America And European unionAfter attack According to Israeli officials, 1,200 people were killed and 240 hostages.

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On Thursday night, Israeli television aired videos of dozens of Palestinians in their underwear and with Blindly Guarded by soldiers in Gaza StripSome inspiring pictures Controversy on social media.

He Israeli army It said “Inquiry” to check who it is connected to Hamas And who isn’t.”

He was traumatized by the attack October 7 and mid Hostility to war, Israel He began to celebrate Jewish holidays Hanukkah.

In Tel AvivCaptured by families and friends of hostages Hamas Candles were lit on a giant candelabrum with 138 arms, commemorating the number of people still held captive. Loop 80 of them were released during a ceasefire in November.

Expansion Israeli ground action It has caused the evacuation of thousands of people Khan Younis towards RafaIn the south, touch Egyptian borderIt is the only place where limited humanitarian aid is still arriving.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his visit to troops fighting in the Gaza Strip (EUROPA PRESS)

“For two months, we have been moving from one place to another (…) We are so tired that we are sleeping on the street,” he says. Abdullah Abu DaqaIt has arrived Border town After the “difficult two months” of his life.

In addition to blasts and ground operation, Israel It has been imposed from October 9 Total blockade of the Gaza StripThis results in severe shortages of water, food, medicine and electricity.

He Director General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom GhebreyesusHe said the health system was “on its knees”. LoopWhile most hospitals in the north are out of action, hospitals in the south are overflowing to care for thousands of wounded.

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FuelRequired for operation Hospital generators And Water desalination equipmentis also rare.

He Israeli government It was approved to provide a “minimum supplement” this week Fuel To avoid “humanitarian collapse” and Infections Inside Gaza StripAfter two days Washington Initiate a call regarding this.

Israel struck new Hezbollah positions after two officers were wounded by rockets fired from Lebanon

According to ONU1.9 million people (80% of the population Loop) migrated through WarIt has destroyed or damaged more than half of the houses in the area.

Conflict erupted again Tension on the border between Israel And LebanonWhere are they manufactured? Daily views between Israeli army And Lebanese group HezbollahPartner Hamas.

Army And Israeli emergency services announced on Thursday Death of a citizen Due to the north Firing an anti-tank missile Requested by Hezbollah.

At night, the armed forces They reported two minor injuries from another Anti-tank missile and announced air strikes against Hezbollah sites.

Netanyahu Issued a new notification to Lebanese Shia movement: “I suggest our enemies pay attention because Hezbollah Choose to trigger Total warThey will change Beirut and south Lebanon Inside Loop And Khan Younis.