March 4, 2024

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Israel struck new Hezbollah positions after two officers were wounded by rockets fired from Lebanon

Israel struck new Hezbollah positions after two officers were wounded by rockets fired from Lebanon
Israel strikes new Hezbollah positions after rockets fired from Lebanon injure two officers (X: @manniefabian)

Army Israel In the past few hours, Lebanon has attacked new positions of Shiite terrorist fighters Hezbollah After it launched missiles against the Jewish state and Two officers were slightly injured. The IDF said the attack was carried out with anti-tank missiles and targeted the city ShtulaIn the north of the country, right on the border with Lebanon.

In response, the military ordered a series of strikes against the group’s operational centers and launch sites.

Similarly, earlier, Israeli relief services had confirmed Death of a citizen A 60-year-old man, as per the first known information- near the city Matt. His identity is still unknown.

“Terrorists fired an anti-tank missile from Lebanese territory towards the Matat area,” officials pointed out in a statement and said the victim was now transferred to the Megan David Adom Aid Center without vital signs.

Earlier, an Israeli citizen was killed in another attack by Lebanese militias (Europe Press).

“Additional launches from Lebanon toward Israel were also identified” and our troops were “attacking the sources with helicopters, tanks and artillery,” the military continued. Earlier, Israel condemned many such actions and similar counter-defensive measures to deter enemy fire.

Hezbollah, for its part, was quick to take credit for the events of the day, which fired “appropriate weapons” and inflicted “confirmed casualties” on the Ma’at bases, mainly.

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As a sign of support for the Palestinian Authority, terrorist fighters fire missiles against Israel almost daily. Hamas. Since hostilities began on October 7, their attacks have intensified, leading Tel Aviv officials to repeatedly warn of the dangers of engaging in conflict. Irreparable damage to the people of Lebanon.

In this sense, the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Hezbollah reiterated this Thursday that its troops have the ability to turn Beirut into Gaza if it decides to fully join the conflict after its leader. Hasan Nasrallah In early November, he said that “some are calling for Hezbollah to engage in a quick war with the Israeli enemy” and that “it is certainly not enough” for what they are currently doing.

Netanyahu warns Hezbollah of grave mistake of fully engaging in conflict (Europe Press)

“If Hezbollah decides to start a world war, it will turn Beirut and southern Lebanon – not far from here – into Gaza and Khan Younis,” the prime minister said, referring to IDF advances in the north and south. Massive destruction of Palestinian territories and Hamas terrorist strongholds there. It will be one of the biggest mistakes of their life. “It’s playing with fire and fire will be answered with stronger fire,” he added.

In the two months the conflict has been ongoing, Hezbollah has already launched more than 1,000 projectiles against Israel, although it has “suffered very significant damage” with the IDF response, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said weeks ago. “We are attacking regiments and military positions and objectives… Hezbollah is paying a very high price every day,” he commented at the time.

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