May 22, 2024

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After weeks of negotiations, Haiti established an interim presidential council to elect a new prime minister

After weeks of negotiations, Haiti established an interim presidential council to elect a new prime minister
Canadian soldiers watch from the roof of their embassy in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (AP Photo/Odiline Joseph)

An interim council tasked with electing Haiti's next prime minister and cabinet was formally formed on Friday, a move supporters are hoping for. Help calm the situation in a Caribbean country where much of the capital is under gang control.

The creation of the council, announced in a decree published Friday in the Haitian government gazette, is expected to prompt the resignation of the prime minister. Ariel HenryWHO He promised to resign once the council is formed.

Council has been formed Petit Desalina party led by former senator and presidential candidate Jean-Charles Moïse; EDE/NETWORKThe party led by former Prime Minister Claude Joseph; Montana TreatyA group of civil society leaders and political parties, among others; Fanmi Wash them, the party of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide; He Joint January 30, Representing parties including ex-pres Michael Martelli; and the private sector.

People walk next to the remains of vehicles near the presidential palace in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (REUTERS/Ralph Tedy Erol).

One member of Haiti's civil society and another from its religious sector will hold two non-voting seats.

The United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti released on X that it is closely following the political process and issued a new call for international support for the Haitian National Police. “Security and the need to restore the rule of law.”

“We reaffirm our commitment to support the country's institutions in their efforts to restore democratic institutions,” said the UN chief in Haiti. Special Envoy Maria Isabel Salvador said in a statement.

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The council was created a month after Caribbean leaders announced plans to help form the nine-member group. Seven of them have the right to vote.

Agents of the Haitian National Police (EFE/Guide David Lawrence)

Friday's news was hailed by those who believe the council can help Take Haiti in a new direction and to quell gang violence that has paralyzed parts of the capital Port-au-Prince for more than a month.

Haiti recorded the most 1,550 murdersMore than 820 people were injured between January and March 22, the UN said.

Although gangs have been active in the country for a long time, since February 29 gunmen have organized large-scale attacks. They burned police barracks, shot dead the country's main international airport, which was closed, and attacked Haiti's two largest prisons, where they freed more than 4,000 prisoners.

Several people take cover from gunfire during clashes between police and armed gangs in Port-au-Prince (AP Photo/Odilyn Joseph)

The attacks were aimed at preventing Henry from returning to the country. At the time he was in Kenya to promote the sending of a United Nations-backed police force from the African country. The president cannot return to Haiti yet.

Although the violence has subsided somewhat, gangs continue to carry out attacks in various parts of Port-au-Prince, particularly downtown, where they have taken control of Haiti's largest public hospital.

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