May 27, 2024

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Boric, who demanded that Maduro hand over Ronald Ojeda's killers, announced that he would take the case to international organizations.

Boric, who demanded that Maduro hand over Ronald Ojeda's killers, announced that he would take the case to international organizations.
Boric is demanding that the Maduro regime arrest those responsible for the crime of Ronald Ojeda and hand them over to the Chilean judiciary, and announces that he will take the case to international organizations.

President of Chile Gabriel BoricA former military dissident of the Nicolas Maduro regime living as a refugee in Santiago vowed this Friday not to be allowed “impunity” for his crimes. Organized political intent from Venezuela.

Ronald Ojeda, A retired soldier from the Venezuelan army, he was abducted in his underwear in the early hours of the morning from his apartment in Santiago by men posing as Chilean police officers. Nine days later, Ojeda, 32, was found dead inside a suitcase buried in a suburb of the Chilean capital.

“We request and request all necessary cooperation from Venezuela in this case, so that they can find and bring to justice those suspected of involvement or complicity in this heinous murder.” Boric told reporters.

“Not only are we not going to allow impunity, but (…) We are going to exhaust all national and international channels.“Leftist president and critic of Nicolas Maduro's regime.

The Chilean prosecutor's office “aims to consider the most plausible hypothesis that there was a political motive,” Interior Minister Carolina Doha said in a statement at the Government Palace.

“Whose political agenda is this? The investigation should clarify that,” the minister added.

Investigations continue to find ex-Venezuelan lieutenant held captive in Santiago

Investigations so far have confirmed the possible involvement of a transnational criminal gang “Aragua Train”Authors are the subject of organized trafficking from Venezuela.

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The victim had no ties to organized crime and took legal action in Chile, which was granted to him Political asylum after escape from Venezuelan prison accused of conspiracy. On his social networks, Ojeda described himself as a “political prisoner”.

“The profile of the victim is a political profile. We are talking about a victim who participated in activities against the Venezuelan government, and secondly, who was detained for nine months and escaped,” explained Hector Barros, the lawyer in charge of the investigation this Friday.

“I never said it was counterintelligence, but rather it was a transnational crime organized in Venezuela,” Barros said.

Two Venezuelans have already been identified as perpetrators of the crime. The Chilean public prosecutor's office confirms that they immediately fled to their country, which is why they are requesting their extradition.

“Once they are arrested, we hope they will come to Chile to face justice “Those named as perpetrators of this murder will be punished for crimes committed on Chilean soil.”Added the President of Chile.

Video shows how 4 armed men take former Venezuelan lieutenant in Santiago de Chile

Chile on Thursday summoned its ambassador in Caracas, Jaime Casmuri, for consultation after the Venezuelan government denied the presence of the Aragua train, which operates in Chile and other countries, as a “disgrace”.

“Next step International aspects (of research) are going to take a decisive role (…) As a government, we are going to put all the tools at our disposal in an effort to deliver justice in this case,” Minister Doha said on his side.

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The minister has so far ruled out formal interruptions in diplomatic relations with the Nicolás Maduro regime, which have been demanded by pro-government and opposition lawmakers.

“If the country goes down that path at this time, it will give up all possibility of justice in this case and we are going to prioritize that,” the minister said, advising journalists.

“What happened is important for Chile. We give it the greatest seriousness, but it is also important for Venezuela. There will be eyes on their behavior and their willingness to cooperate in this investigation must be proven with facts.. Firstly, to arrest those responsible and secondly, to make it easier for them to face justice.Doha added.

In that regard, Doha explained that Chile's ambassador in Caracas, Jaime Casmuri, would “receive advice” from President Boric on “additional measures” to be “taken in bilateral relations.”

Tarek William Sapp, Attorney General of the Chavista regime in Venezuela (Photo: Europa Press)

Tarek William Sapp, Attorney General of the Chavista regime in Venezuela, said, “A A request for inter-organizational cooperation”. “Let me make it clear that this is not a request for mutual assistance in criminal matters, which was done through the relevant diplomatic mechanisms,” he said.

He stressed, however, that the Venezuelan Public Ministry had begun “immediately arresting the whereabouts of persons alleged to have committed a specific crime if they are discovered” on Venezuelan territory.

“Venezuela and its Public Ministry are very willing to cooperate in the fight against transnational crime and provide Chile with all their experience in fighting these organized crime groups,” Saab said.

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(With information from AFP and EuropaPress)