June 25, 2024

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Alberto Fernandez passed on Javier Mili for the expenses of his international trips

Alberto Fernandez passed on Javier Mili for the expenses of his international trips

The former president accused Miley of “traveling more than 100,000 km and spending millions of pesos” to “conservative and fascist conventions”.

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Alberto Fernandez He talked about the number of trips he took through his X account (formerly Twitter). Javier M Since his inauguration as President in December. He also criticized relations with Spain, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, China And most of them Arab world.

“In six months He has traveled over 100,000 km and spent millions of pesos “Participating in conservative and fascist conferences, presenting books that falsify even his background, holding conferences that incite violence, meeting with billionaires who handle social media, and showing disturbing mysticism,” said former president Fernandez.

And he regretted it Relations with some countries ‘suffered’, and uploaded a comparison picture where the former president is seen with different presidents, while Miley is seen with other types of people from the same states: ”The national government has hurt our relations with Spain, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, China. and much of the Arab world. Wanting to get close to the ‘powerful’, It has distanced us from our brothers in the region and our main commercial export destinations.

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Fernandez hit back at Miley on social media

Fernandez hit back at Miley on social media

He went on to mention the costs incurred by the Miley administration:‘If I had been a focused president, we would have been less expensive And its foreign policy will be governed by autonomy, not by imposing a dehumanizing ideology and submitting to a power in crisis.”

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“In Argentina, the lives of its citizens are deteriorating. We continue to pay for the ridiculous decisions of the “Messenger of Light”. It leaves us in the dark,” he concluded.

Javier Milei will travel to the US on May 27 to meet Mark Zuckerberg and other businessmen.

He President Javier Mili Television reports confirmed that he would travel America 27th of the month with the aim of meeting tech entrepreneurs CEO of Target, Mark Zuckerberg.

On May 27th we leave for San Francisco We are going to have meetings with the leaders of all technological issues, including Mark Zuckerberg,” Milei told La Nación in televised reports while in Spain.

In the middle of his trip to Spain, where he met with businessmen and presented his new book, Millay confirmed the new presidential visit. The president endorsed a tweet from an independent user confirming a meeting with “Mark Zuckerberg and the heads of Apple, Google and OpenAI, among other tech giants in Silicon Valley.”

The reason for the journey justified most of his journeys: on his fourth visit he would seek to meet senior technical businessmen. In his last two visits to the United States, he participated in meetings with libertarian President Elon Musk.