February 22, 2024

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Amazon suffered a multi-million dollar fraud by issuing refunds for products that were never returned

Amazon suffered a multi-million dollar fraud by issuing refunds for products that were never returned
Amazon indicted REKK organization and 30 people from several countries for multi-million dollar fraud. (REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol)

Amazon Inc. Presented by A Request against a group International criminals He cheated the company out of millions of dollars Refund scams. system REKKand about 30 persons from countries like America, Canada, United Kingdom, Greece, Lithuania And Netherlandsmentioned in the earlier filed complaint Washington District Courtconfirmed as Bloomberg.

“The scheme of the defendants is deceptive Amazon process it Gets a refund For those products They are never returned; Instead of returning the products as promised, the defendants kept them Product and refund“, said Amazon In the case cited Good luck.

That’s a trick Lasting From June 2022 to May 2023, dozens Fraudulent transactionsWith products like game consoles, Smartphones, Laptops and up Gold coins 24 carat. According to the case, REKK promotion Services for your refund through Social websites as reddit And Difference of opinionApart from using a messaging app telegram To communicate with stakeholders.

The fraud perpetrated by REKK involved fraudulent transactions with high-demand products such as smartphones and laptops. (REUTERS/Mike Shekar)

He engaged in the same way, Ex-employees From the company that is said to have accepted Bribery These should be approved Economic compensations Items such as computers are non-returnable MacBook Pro And Tires.

Dharmesh MehtaVice President Services to Vendors of AmazonHe promised that “when FraudAs in this case, Amazon Takes a series of steps to stop the operation, including delivery Warningscloser Accounts and prevent Individuals Those involved Refund Fraud Open new accounts,” he wrote in a post LinkedIn.

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But this is not the only one Fraud The company is affected Jeff Bezos. Earlier, incidents Internal corruption Led to criminal proceedings: In 2020, an employee India Alleged acceptance Bribery At least $100,000 to benefit some Merchants About others in platform.

Ex-Amazon employees have been charged with bribery and fraud. (REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne)

According to Official statistics of the Company, annually, Consumers spend About 678 billion dollars in platforms Amazonchanging it to a A giant magnet for Fraudsters And Corruption conspiracies sometimes include workers of the company. Precisely, in his struggle against TheftHe Fraud And this Malpractice On its platform in 2022, Amazon He invested more than $1.2 billion and employed more than 15,000 people workers Hide these nodes and threats.